The Empire Strikes Back, Over Mukasey

I knew the Soros wing of the Democrat party would be ticked off over the Senate Judiciary Committee taking steps Thursday to send his name out of committee and to the Senate floor for a vote, where he will most likely be confirmed as Attorney General, replacing Alberto Gonzalez. The left’s reaction is a Donor Strike.

In 2006, the voters of America elected Democratic majorities to the Senate and House in order to end the occupation of Iraq and restore the Constitution of the United States. We, the Netroots, helped elect Democratic majorities with large contributions of money, time, and passion.

Unfortunately Congressional Democrats have surrendered to George Bush and Dick Cheney on all of the issues we care about most: Iraq, Iran, warrantless wiretapping, torture, and habeas corpus.

We recognize that “Bush Democrats” are primarily to blame for Democratic failures, and we will do whatever we can to change their minds – or replace them with true Democrats in 2008. But we cannot wait until then to fix the urgent problems we face.

We will therefore begin a donor strike against the official fundraising committees for Senate Democrats (DSCC) and House Democrats (DCCC) until our core demands are met.

We will instead contribute only to individual candidates who firmly support the values of the Democratic Party and the American people, as certified by BlueAmerica and Progressive Challenge 2008.

Two things should be obvious about their reaction. That they believe, as they said themselves after the 2004 election, that they have bought and paid for the Democrat party with their campaign contributions, and that they expect the Democrats in Washington to obey. The other thing that is obvious is just how effective their money was in influencing the Democrats in Washington. Or to put it another way, just how easily Democrats in Washington can be influenced by money. Like, having no belief system of their own, they adopt the one from their donors. They echo their sentiments and believe that they had a mandate from the American people. How many times have we heard that from Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid? In reality, it was only a mandate from them, a well financed and well organized group of about 400,000 activists.

They are making plans to send what they call the ‘Bush Democrats’ packing. Their arrogance is off the charts.

Hillary may have had a turning point last Tuesday, but the Democrat Party itself may be having one of its own. The netroots, or nutroots, will now only be giving money to individual politicians who pass their litmus test on the issues that they care about. How these Democrats react will be their own litmus test.

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