Today’s Special

Here’s one example where no news is good news, but in a malicious (by the media) kind of way. Good news is hard to swallow says, Melanie Morgan.

To the news media, reports concerning accomplishments of our troops in Iraq are about as welcome as a visit by Bill Clinton to a shelter for abused women.

Mukasey is sworn in as the country’s 81st Attorney General. First thing on the to-do list, replace every last federal attorney. 100 percent of them. Then hire/rehire who you want. That isn’t going to happen of course, but I’d pay the cost of admission to see the look on (pick your democrat leader’s name)’s face when he or she got the news.

News about Rep. Keith Ellison’s (D-Minn) attempt to make voting-day voting registration a federal law is beginning to dribble out. Same for his plan to prohibit states from requiring a photo ID to vote in all federal elections. But no where near as far and wide as it needs to be. Mychal Massie and David Almasi, of Project 21, the National Leadership Network of Black Conservatives, have also opined. Voter fraud isn’t a republican or a democrat issue. At least it shouldn’t be. By these Democrat sponsored legislative attempts, it appears that voter fraud is a Democrat issue. That is, they just want to make laws to facilitate it.