Aid Begins To Arrive In Bangladesh

Saudi Arabia and the United States lead the way in relief to the devastated areas. Oh, and nothing from Venezuela, Iran, China, or Russia. As usual, that ‘evil,’ (according to the hemisphere’s idiot, Hugo Chavez) United States responds with ships and helicopters to act as the delivery agent and coordinator.

How bad is it?

The confirmed death toll stood at over 3,100 but officials feared it could run into many thousands after all the victims in isolated areas were accounted for.

The head of the Bangladeshi Red Crescent, a part of the global Red Cross federation, said he believed between 5,000 and 10,000 people had died.

Edwards In Denial Over Iran

As he did in the CNN sponsored debate last week, planted questions and all, Sen. John Edwards feels it is more important to deny that Iran’s Quds Force, also known as the Iranian Guard, are terrorists than to agree with President Bush.

When asked whether he believed the Iranian Guard to be a terrorist organization, Edwards answered instead how he felt about the Senate vote.

“There was no reason for the Senate to vote on the question to begin with,” he said. “I think it was a mistake. I would have voted no had I been in the Senate, and I think it’s very important … to show real strength against Bush and Cheney on this particular issue.”

When a reporter told Edwards that rival Barack Obama has said he would have voted against the resolution even though he believes the Iranian Guard is a terrorist organization, Edwards responded: “I stand by what I said.”