Hillary Needs Cash, What?

The Clinton Campaign lost its footing just a bit with Hillary’s performance at Tuesday’s debate. She fell off her script when Tim Russert asked her whether she supports NY Governor Elliot Spitzer’s plan to issue drivers licenses to people in this country illegally. There are about a million of them in New York State according to Hillary. Hillary’s handlers all feel that Tim Russert was out to get her for some reason. One of them suggesting that he should be shot. I’m assuming that was hyperbole, but it shows how much they hate to be pressed for an answer that might give a clue as to what she really believes. Her campaign came out the next day to further explain her response to that Yes/No question.

Classic Clinton. They want to shoot the messenger. In this case, Tim Russert. That’s what they do. The fact that her campaign has their thongs all twisted up over being asked a most relevant question for a New York Senator about a New York governor is just hilarious.

“Clinton was unfairly targeted” and “The other candidates were asked questions like, ‘Is there life in outer space?’ ”

And, unfortunately for Hillary, none of the other presidential wannabes’ constituencies are in the State of New York, which explains why Russert asked her first and not the others. It’s a perfectly valid question to ask her and he would have been negligent if he or Williams had not asked it.

Pressing her on that question didn’t make Russert a bully. How else can the American People learn what she believes? As she has found out, dodging a question during a debate made her look pretty inadequate.

Now that her Chinese connection has apparently dried up, and in the course of 24 hours, they feel they need a lot of money, fast.

Mark Penn, Clinton’s senior strategist and pollster, and Jonathan Mantz, the campaign’s finance director, told the supporters on the call, which The Hill listened to in its entirety, that they expect attacks from Clinton’s rivals to continue, and she will need the financial resources to deflect their attacks.

Hardly anyone saw it. It was on MSNBC. While the Clinton Campaign and the far-left blogosphere whine over Tim Russert as being too tough on her, they should be thanking their lucky stars that it wasn’t worse.

Tim Russert’s play last night was not only nakedly sexist, but showed his immaturity and lack of respect for any woman standing up to be commander-in-chief.

Sexist? Hillary? No way.

A person wanting to be Commander in Chief should be able to answer any question from anyone. Even Brit Hume and Chris Wallace.

Both Tim Russert and Brian Williams deserve the “Chris Matthews Award” for avoiding to ask any of the presidential wannabes about Iran supplying 107 mm rockets and super-penetrating IED’s to the terrorists in Iraq that are killing Iraqis and our soldiers. I know the Clinton Campaign would disagree but the moderators didn’t go far enough. I think they did the best they could to make it more like “Softball.”