Putin’s Caspian Summit

They didn’t tackle their biggest problem, like who owns what of the Caspian Sea? But Putin wants an agreement on a defensive alliance against foreign military forces or attack on any single member of the Caspian Summit. OK, he’s acting paranoid, but he’s just getting tight with Iran while keeping the Caspian Sea off limits to all vessels not under a member state’s flag. This is Putin’s move to put more distance between Iran and any supply route that the U.S. might use in case they need to pay a visit to Tehran.

And then there’s this gem from Tehran Times. A sister paper to the New York Times I think.

First Vice President Parviz Davudi said on Wednesday

that the Iranian government is willing to develop relations with other countries and foster political, economic and social cooperation with all countries excluding the illegitimate regime of Israel.

From the reporting of the summit it seems that Putin is driving the bus.

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