Today’s Special

Some significant progress in Afghanistan is taking place against the Taliban. A stronghold town is surrounded by the Afghan and coalition armies. How peaceful or bloody it gets resolved is up to the Taliban. But the end is near for the bad guys there.

Democrats in Washington seem to be caving in to support the troops, much to the dismay of the anti-war wing of their party. The George Soros wing.

“Do Republicans have a tough stance on funding the troops in the field? Yes,” said McConnell’s spokesman, Don Stewart. “Because we made a commitment to the troops overseas to give them the training and equipment and support that they need.”

Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi will just have to wait until the American people elect one of theirs President and Commander in Chief before they can play President and Commander in Chief.

Thank goodness that videotapes of interrogations that happened to a couple key al Qaeda bad guys were destroyed. You know that the identities of the real covert operatives would have been splashed all over the New York Times if they still existed and if Jay Rockefeller’s staff ever got their hands on them. For purely political purposes, there seems to be no current of opinion in the media and key democrats to keep the actions secret, including the identities of the covert agents involved. Contrast that to all the fake outrage of exposing the identity of Valerie Plame, a desk clerk analyst, who, at the time, was not a covert CIA agent. Protecting the identities of CIA operatives seem to be a selective, political concept.

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