Compean & Ramos, Not On President’s Pardon List

The CFIF has been on the case to free border control agents Jose Compean and Ignacio Ramos from the start, even before the U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton lied to the jury about the dangerous drug smuggler with a long-established criminal record.

And although Sutton’s office portrayed their “star witness” to the jury as a man beyond reproach… a victim of the system who only smuggled drugs into the United States just once to pay his poor sick mother’s medical bills… it was well known that this drug smuggler was a dangerous career criminal!

Thanks to the e-mails and other efforts from concerned citizens like yourself, demanding that Compean and Ramos be set free, it looked like it was actually going to happen. People in Congress got involved towards that end.

So where is it now? First of all, they are not on the President’s pardon list for this year. Second of all, granting them a pardon is meeting fierce objections from, of all people, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

Last week, Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher and Democrat Congressmen William Delahunt and Silvestre Reyes introduced the resolution, the importance of which Rohrabacher described to media by saying:

“The significance of the resolution is that it is truly a bipartisan effort. Up until this point, this has basically been a conservative Republican cause.”

But it only took a few days for the wind to change direction and now Rohrabacher is pointing fingers at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus:

“The [Democratic] leadership has gone along with the Hispanic Caucus… Instead of being proud [of] Mexican-Americans who are defending our border, the Hispanic Caucus is portraying them as simple, brutal cops who are committing police brutality.”

Since when is it “police brutality” for a law enforcement officer to fire his weapon when he reasonably believes a suspect is about to fire upon him?

Maybe the Congressional Hispanic Caucus should change its name to the Congressional Vicente Fox-Felipe Calderon Caucus :

Judging from their behavior, that would be about right. It also is apparent that your help is again needed. The effort to free these two scapegoats of political correctness and perversion of justice needs to start again. This is a call to action to petition your federal representatives including and up to the ‘compassionate conservative’ in the White House to pardon these agents, give them their deserved freedom, jobs, and family back.

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