Illegals On The Gulf Coast

There’s a reason that illegal immigration is such a big issue in this country.  Basically its because they are all over the country, and especially so along the Gulf coast, thanks in no small part to hurricanes Ivan, Katrina, and Dennis.  The tip of the iceberg is in two local papers in the Pensacola area today.

You have the Mexican restaurateur arrested for drug distribution and harboring Mexican illegal aliens in the Pensacola News Journal.  And in a neighboring county, the Northwest Florida Daily News  reports of an illegal alien smuggling operation getting busted.  Those involved were charged with alien smuggling and visa fraud for forging temporary H2-B visas.

Over time, be prepared for the rest of the iceberg to be revealed.

Illegal Immigration Issues

Illegal immigration is a hot button issue in this country regardless of political party. There is disagreement on amnesty, benefits, rights and privileges, education, health care, and whether there is such a thing as illegal aliens at all. There are some people who don’t make a distinction between legal and illegal.

What do you think?

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