War Funding Approved

What is characterized in the media as Democrats on capitol hill caving, Democrats in the Senate approved a half trillion dollar spending bill that included $70 billion to prosecute the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. It still has to be passed by the House of Representatives, which is expected as well.

But why call it caving? Why not call it deciding to fight, win, and complete the war in Iraq and Afghanistan instead? Or something as inane as, could this be a sign that the country is once again united in the war? Approving the war budget amounts to good news for our troops, good news for the security of our country, the people in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the world, and bad news for the enemy. The only ones Democrats are caving to, apparently, is the George Soros wing of their party who only want to leave our enemies alone. It just goes to show you the perspective of the mainstream media.

link: Washington Post