‘Ring Of Fire’ Radio On Air America

Direct from the host of Air America’s ‘Ring of Fire‘ radio program himself, Mike Papantonio claimed that his show, which he co-hosts with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., would be the response to ‘the fat drug addict with a tie,’ his snide reference to his nemesis, Rush Limbaugh. He said this on WEAR-TV, an ABC affiliate in Pensacola, FL back in January 2004.

At that time, I wished him luck. And knowing the message he had to give based solely on that remark, I had my doubts that the show would make it.

The truth of the matter will be in the profit & loss statement of the PK radio show. The studio and all its costs are one thing. One could expect a new business to go a year or two, or even more, before it begins to make a profit. Conservative talk radio is actually supported by advertisers who are supported by listeners. Will PK radio have the same success, or will it have to be fed by the special interests of the left to stay on the air? Whichever way keeps them on the air will determine whether it is a legitimate business or a mouth organ of the left.

Well, one bankruptcy and a couple buy-outs later, I think it is more a mouth organ for the left than genuine talk radio. In his case, it’s more like rabid radio. They recently added a third co-host to their lineup. No amount of quantity will make up for the quality of their message. Rabid radio has no market beyond the lemmings that they attract, and their friends, relatives, and employees.

The show is driven by the agenda they choose, not the news of the day, with pre-recorded interviews of other ‘progressives’ like Molly Ivens, Bill Moyers, and Michael Moore. There are no dissenting opinions offered on whatever the topic is that they discuss. It is a pep rally for the left, not talk radio.

To compete in the talk radio industry, you have to take calls from actual listeners and debate the topics of the day. That’s what Limbaugh, Hannity, and Boortz do. They take calls. The Ring of Fire does neither. They could show you their syllabus for upcoming shows which says what they’ll be talking about.

Hear how they “take” calls, from BIG LAW attorney and Air America radio host Mike Papantonio himself. Call the show 866-389-FIRE (3473) and this is what you’ll get. Pain yourself, like I did, and listen to a show (one show/week for 3 hrs), available on short wave, the internet, and a few AM radio stations, and see how many calls they take. I listened to one, to see if they would comment on either of my two questions. Of course, they did not. As a matter of fact, a quadruple amputee could count on his toes and fingers the number of calls from actual callers they did take, which was zero. The Ring of Fire is really more like a blow torch than talk radio. Not even in the same league as Rush or the other conservative talkers. Their newest incarnation of ‘progressive’ news is goLeftTV, also financed by the Levin Papantonio law firm. From rabid radio to rabid internet, they’ve got it covered. “Investors” welcome, since advertising isn’t paying the bills.

This is the Ring of Fire’s version of TALK RADIO. <click here>

h/t Ron’s Musings

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