Congress Needs A Good House Cleaning

The problem with Congress is no different than the problem in the country.  After all, it is the citizenry that elects these people.  We’re looking in a mirror like the ones at the county fair.

The problem we face is that way too many citizens have either forgotten about or refuse to acknowledge that we are in a global war defending ourselves (and the world BTW) against Islamofascism.  Way too many wish to return to a 9/10 mindset, which IMHO is suicidal.

To make matters worse, many are focused in expanding government further beyond our means to support, and changing the American paradigm of freedom and capitalism to some socialistic nightmare, while preferring to not fight the war.

al-Qaeda would also like us to stop fighting the war.

As to why it is this way is debatable but I have to think that 6 years of pounding us with the anti-war anti-Bush liberal views (war for oil, Haliburton, Cheney, Bush lied, torture, domestic spying, no WMD’s, etc.)  by the media has contributed to this phenomena in no small way.  They’ve done well in that regard. We are looking at, and facing the result of that propaganda machine, and America is much weaker for it.

A lot of them need the boot.  I think Bush is doing as good a job as he can under the circumstances of fighting the war practically by himself. He’s the one who stood up to the enemy and went after them. He stays focused on the enemy (al Qaeda, not Democrats), while Democrats seem focused on Bush, (not the enemy) instead. That makes for a protracted war with the increased casualties that go with it.  Those are the ones who need the boot.

We need politicians that will do what they think their constituents want instead of the agenda of the people that they take money from. The ones who have been bought are the ones that need to go.

Oh that we still had the unity that existed for about 3 or 4 months after 9/11. When Democrats split from that unity by Dec. 2001 and Jan. 2002, led by Ted Kennedy, it was a move that insured that Democrats could never take credit for winning this war.  Since that time they have done everything in their power (except defunding it) to hang a loss on Bush regardless of the consequences on the country.  Had their support held, I think we’d be way closer to being out of Iraq by now, if not already out.  And we all could say that WE won.  WE broke Iraq, and WE fixed it, and WE took another sanctuary away from al Qaeda, and WE made the world a safer place, with the help of the Iraqi people and our allies.  But no, it has morphed into “Bush’s war” and it’s up to him to fight it without their support.

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