It’s A Three-Party Race

How can Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) run as a Democrat when he isn’t a Democrat?  He’s an Independent.

I like the notion of a three-way race, 1 Democrat, 1 Independent, and 1 Republican. In the same way Bill Clinton liked running against Perot and Bush in ’92.

After the debates last night, it won’t be Trump going third-party. Here is why. From the guy who wrote The Art of the Deal, Trump said he didn’t want to give up leverage. That’s understandable given his background. It’s not understandable in the electoral political sense. That leverage, if used, guarantees a Democrat win. And if Trump believes his theme to make America great again, then he won’t go third-party.

Good negotiators don’t give up leverage. For example, when the Commander-in-Chief tells our enemies what we won’t do, he is giving up leverage. But he does it because he doesn’t want America to be great again.

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