Perdido Beach Mouse v2.0, MRIOTD Award Winner

Never ceases to amaze the hubris of some who assume the role of our Maker. Some command to lower sea level and adjust the world’s thermostat, others, like the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, refuse to take NO for an answer where rodents are concerned.perdido_beach_mouse1

The Perdido Key beach mouse, was wiped out naturally and was “re-introduced” in 1987. And again, it was wiped out naturally by hurricane Ivan. Not to be outdone by mother nature, the mouse has been captive bred since then. And people who are supposed to be environmentalists are about to infest the environment, Perdido Key, with a rodent that has twice proven it can not sustain itself, its survival rate is zero, in an environment where people have a survival rate of 100 percent.

And this makes sense to who? For this reason the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service wins the Most Ridiculous Item Of The Day award.

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One thought on “Perdido Beach Mouse v2.0, MRIOTD Award Winner”

  1. So glad you pointed this out… the ridiculous and the extreme has ruled in other places. I am from Key West Florida (born and raised there) where people began protecting chickens, like it was a native endangered species. (Im surprised that a major flu outbreak has not originated here.) Iguanas released from pet captivity are now everywhere and are eating the native bird eggs …so the true native birds are on their way out. They are not clean creatures either. The crocodiles have been protected and brought in to the salt water areas and native alligators have overpopulated. They love to eat small animals so your pets and children are no longer safe anywhere by the water. Then there is the key deer (a small deer) that was put under protection. Then it became more important to protect the key deer than the children that have to ride a bus to school. Children were forced to travel over dangerous bridges for miles in order that the key deer not be disturbed. Fences on both sides of A1A exist for the key deer protection. Then there is the Burmese python, an unstoppable monster that requires an extra ‘on call’ patrol in case it appears in your pool, yard or possibly in your plumbing . This python also considers your pets as a meal. Thankfully they eat the young crocodile and alligator as well as the deer, the birds, the pets, etc. One day there will be no native birds, no chickens, no deer, no raccoons, no iguanas and possibly no alligators or crocodile as the Burmese python continues to reproduce and devour everything in it’s path. OF COURSE children will not be safe outdoors so they will probably have to to caged to be kept safe.

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