Obamacare And The Separation Of Powers

Let’s not pretend to be so shocked that the House of Representatives wants to fund the government, but not Obamacare. The latest iteration of House Republicans obamacare-you-lie-obama-politics-1341488584negotiating with themselves has melted down to merely extending the same exemptions that Obama illegally gave businesses (until after the mid-term elections) to you and me. Ordinary citizens without the deep pockets.

Obama and his believers in the media will say, hey, it’s the law. You have to fund it. Well, the ACA may be the law, for now, but it is anything but normal.

Beginning with its origination. This law was written to the exclusion of all Republican lawmakers. Mistake #1. Who’s surprised that the country is divided on this? This law was not voted on and approved by the House. Instead, it was “deemed passed” by then Speaker Pelosi (D-CA). Mistake #2. Who’s surprised that the country is divided on this? This law is not performing as it was promised when “sold” to the American people, from the quality of care, keep your doctor, keep your plan, lower cost, no increase in national debt. The opposite is proving to be true about this bill. “Legal” or otherwise. Who’s surprised that the country is divided on this? Mistake #3. There is no budget here to debate over. Obama hasn’t had a budget to abide by since Bush’s last one. During all of Obama’s years, he and congress have been flying by the seat of their pants (where their brains are), and have been operating on CR’s ever since.

As for the Supreme Court ruling on it. That was only about whether the Federal Government can force you to pay for it. Contrary to all of Obama’s and the supporters of the ACA’s arguments up to that point, the Supremes said, with the aid of Chief Justice Roberts, that Congress has the power to tax, so it was a tax. Obama’s lawyers argued all along that it was not a tax, but was a penalty, a fine. Roberts had to change their argument in order to declare it constitutional. Whether the Constitution permits the Federal Government to force citizens to buy a product was not addressed.

Since Obama and Reid have said they’re not willing to talk or negotiate with the House leadership, the House has only one recourse left to them under the Constitution. And that is, the House controls the purse. Not funding the disaster is all that is left. On this, the House must stand their ground. If for no other reason than to force The White House and the Senate to abide by the Constitution as our founders intended.

It’s not the House’s fault that Obama and Reid can’t live with this separation of powers that the founding fathers designed. It’s up to Obama and Reid to not only comply with the Constitution, but to embrace it. Negotiate, and come up with a mutual resolution. Not to demagogue the House with its “my way or the highway” approach. That’s a dictatorship, not a constitutional republic.

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