Government Is Too Intrusive When

It is amusing, not, to see how the administration is administering the government shutdown. In classic community organizer style, he makes sure he pokes the 720px-US-FederalHousingAdmin-Logo.svgAmerican people in the eye over it while at the same time blaming Republicans for it. He ends White House tours. He closes the WWII memorial so our greatest generation can’t see it. Closes the MLK Jr. monument. Neither of which need anyone to oversee or “manage” them. It’s all the politically calculated machinations he goes through to kick-off the Democrats’ 2014 mid-term election talking points.

But did you know that this government shutdown this administration is imposing will have a deleterious effect to the housing market recovery when it is most needed? How could the government be in the way of you buying a home? What do they have to do with it, you might ask? The answer is, more than 90% of all loan activity is underwritten, insured, or owned by the government and its affiliated entities. That’s how. The by-product of “reform” taking the shape of government control.

Link: Government Shutdown Risks Hurting The Housing Recovery


Obamacare, Opportunity Missed?

Listening to President Obama demagogue Republicans for trying to help Americans from the harm that Obamacare is doing to them, their families, their jobs, and their health care plans, coupled with the sympathetic media supporting him, exposes the alternate reality in the political arena today.

President Obama said yesterday that the Republicans want to deprive you from getting affordable health care offered for the first time in history. That Republicans are willing to shut down the government to deprive you of the opportunity of getting affordable health insurance. And that’s the message you hear from the media.

What you don’t hear from the media is this:

  1. Obamacare isn’t being offered to you for the first time in history. For the first time in history, the federal government is, under threat of being penalized with a fine, ordering you to buy a health insurance policy. And not just any health insurance policy, but one that the federal government approves of, else you get penalized with a fine.
  2. Obamacare is killing jobs and depressing the economy. The President has a handful of people used as props, who have a story about how Obamacare helped them. The media isn’t showing you people who have been laid off or had their hours cut because of Obamacare. Which was the point of Sen. Ted Cruz’s 21 hour speech on the floor of the Senate over the weekend.
  3. The media coverage of Sen. Cruz’s speech was centered around the Democrat talking point of Republicans being obstructionists. They completely ignored the content of Cruz’s speech, which merely highlighted all that was wrong with Obamacare.
  4. Media coverage of Cruz’s speech was reported like a horse race. As in, what did Cruz hope to accomplish by fighting a no-win fight? And how this will hurt Republicans in the 2014 election? Not a peep about how Obamacare is hurting Americans and the American economy.
  5. That it was President Obama and Harry Reid that did not accept any of the three (four if you count H.R. 2300, the Empowering Patients First Act of 2013) compromises Republicans offered to keep the government open.
  6. The irony that President Obama brags about talking to terrorist supporting regimes like Iran and Syria, but not his own Congress.

To characterize opposition to Obamacare as depriving you of a wonderful and historic opportunity, is like being deprived from having a perfectly good limb amputated.