Alias Tweet, Fired! Alias Email, That’s Cool

A White House national security staffer gets fired for making unflattering tweets under an alias.

But not former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, DOJ Assistant Attorney General Lanny Breuer during Operation Fast and Furious, and recently confirmed Labor Secretary Tom Perez during his time as a DOJ Civil Rights Attorney, or the IRS’ Lois Lerner for using private and alias email accounts for conducting government business out of reach of the FOIA. That’s different. What?

What’s different about this is that this lawless administration has one overriding principle. The end justifies the means. But this principle is not unique to the administration. In all fairness, it is a belief shared by most Liberals, Progressives, and the media.

Skirting the law or lying to the folks just doesn’t matter and the media will circle the wagon by not reporting it for what it is. If you like your health care plan, you can keep your plan. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. You’ll save $2,500 a year on your policy. This will be the most open and transparent administration. The ACA will actually decrease the debt, or I won’t sign it. The list goes on but, you get the idea.

Link: White House Aide Fired Over Twitter Account