How President Obama Despises America

Five days before his first inauguration, president-elect Obama said we were five days away from fundamentally changing America. He certainly is on a roll in doing just that.

How did he do it? It began by not passing a budget, whereby Americans could see his cards on the table. Instead, he has run the government by the seat of his pants by CR’s, Continuing Resolutions. He laid his foundation with so-called stimulus spending measures that financed his political base and contributors, instead of rebuilding infrastructure.

Then he implemented the poison pill to freedom and liberty, and the economy, by devising a plan to take over your health care choices and the health insurance industry, and the health care industry, by implementing the non-affordable Affordable Care Act. Something that Americans have rejected ever since it was first proposed 70 years ago by John Dingell Sr. in 1943. So he had to do something drastic to pull it off. He wrote the bill, preventing input from ANY person in the other (Republican) party. And no republican voted for it. Instead it was “deemed passed” by then Speaker Pelosi.

Finally, the check and balance designed by our founders, the House controls the purse strings, has been and continues to be ignored. So the House calls an end to increasing the debt, and increasing it as much as Obamacare is doing, contrary to what Pres. Obama promised; that it would decrease cost, increase care, and not increase the debt. None of that has happened.

So now, when the House proposes plans to fund the government, minus Obamacare, then postponing it for one year, then eliminating the special favors to big labor and companies, then eliminating the 72% subsidies that President Obama gave himself and the rest of Congress, with you paying for them, President turned King Obama said NO. Nothing is negotiable. And the reaction from the administration, repeated by the media, is that Republicans want to shut down the government and Republicans don’t want you to have health care.

President Obama is not budging. He’s not negotiating, he wants everything and to hell with our founding fathers and their system of checks and balances. To sum it up where Obama is concerned, he’s as un-American as any other enemy of the State.