McCain To Do Obama’s Job? Now It’s Our Job

U.S. Senator John McCain will submit an opinion piece to the Russian newspaper Pravda in response to an op-ed on Syria in The New York Times by Russian President Vladimir Putin that infuriated many members of Congress. Oh really? Many members of Congress? How many Americans did it infuriate?

For McCain to respond in kind? I say Hell No! If our own President hasn’t the balls to respond to Putin’s belittling, watching anyone else speak for him will only reinforce his misguided point. And Obama hasn’t enough pride in our country or confidence in his own beliefs to respond in a way the situation demands. Make that Putin 2, Obama 0.

Obama is incapable of responding because he, like Putin, does not understand what American exceptionalism is. Well, I really can’t speak for Putin on this point. He might understand what it is, and merely chose the occasion to play on Obama’s ignorance to rub his face in it on the pages of the New York Times. Obama proved a few years ago that he hasn’t a clue what American exceptionalism is. When asked by a foreign journalist if he believed in American exceptionalism he responded, no more than the Brits think they are exceptional, and the Swiss think they’re exceptional, and the French, you get the idea.

Since this is not taught in schools any more, here’s the Cliff Notes version. American exceptionalism is NOT that we are a better or smarter people compared to the rest of the world. On that account we are all equal. That’s Obama’s definition, and Putin hit him between the eyes with it.

America’s exceptionalism began with our founding fathers and the founding of our country. All the countries in the world at the time of our founding and before were run by dictators, despots, and governments that ruled over their people, who were merely subjects of the government. There were no basic human and private property rights, freedom, or liberties that were guaranteed by the government. The government gave the people only what the government wanted the people to have. EXCEPT for the United States of America. We were the first country to form a government by the people and for the people, with inalienable rights given by God, not by the government. The people formed the government and gave it only the power over them that they choose it to have. Not the other way around. Our founders wrote a constitution and a bill of rights that served as the ‘governor’ to governmental power over the people, limiting its power. Obama calls that a “charter of negative liberties,” just to illustrate his contempt for our founding.The people control the government by a constitutional republic form of government. We are not subjects of the government. We are, essentially, the government. That idea was very radical for its time.

Our founding fathers knew what it was like to live under a tyrannical government and ruler under King George III. They were wise to craft a form of government that would guarantee, with all due diligence, that the United States would not turn into just another kingdom under a crown.

The result was, America became the EXCEPTION to the world order. The result was a free people, free to own the fruits of their labor, unrestrained by an oppressive government, that became the superpower of the world, by any measure, in less than 200 years of its founding.  When compared to nation states that are several hundred, even thousands, of years older, it’s not difficult to see what American exceptionalism is.

Neither you or I can stop Sen. McCain from writing PRAVDA or ITAR-TASS. He has that right. What they need to see is some good old fashion American exceptionalism by writing your own letter to their editor. They’ll get the idea real quick what American exceptionalism is. And it isn’t Barack Obama.

Link: McCain to parry Putin N.Y. Times op-ed with one for Pravda – Yahoo News.

What Russian media is talking about:

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2 thoughts on “McCain To Do Obama’s Job? Now It’s Our Job”

  1. Welcome to da blog. Ya, it’s good that Sec. Kerry’s mis-speak was taken advantage of by Putin and an attack has been put off. Putin ended up saving Obama’s ass while making himself to appear as the leader of the free world. I don’t think we should be involved militarily unless and until we are attacked. I am, however, all for humanitarian aide for the refugees both in and around Syria.

    From your comment though, it seems to me you didn’t read Putin’s op-ed. Especially the money quote in the last paragraph. He did bitch slap Obama over Obama’s misplaced exceptional comment. Obama had it wrong, Putin had it right. As I explained brilliantly in my post above. 🙂

  2. While McCain’s side spent last week failing to block ObamaCare for the 43rd time since its inception, President Obama made the following deal with the people you claim “belittled” him. Keep up the fine work Republicans. You make perfect Obama piss-boys (from the pre-plumbing custom of having attendants available to hold buckets for the royals when they needed to evacuate).

    The United States and Russia reached a sweeping agreement today that called for Syria’s arsenal of chemical weapons to be removed or destroyed by the middle of 2014 and indefinitely stalled the prospect of American airstrikes.

    “This situation has no precedent,” said Amy E. Smithson, an expert on chemical weapons at the James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies. “They are cramming what would probably be five or six years’ worth of work into a period of several months”

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