Boardwalk Fire An Accident?

Having grown up on the Jersey shore, Wildwood, I’ve seen boardwalk fires before. So far, the source and cause of the Seaside Park fire has not been identified. ABC_funtown_seaside_lpl_130912_4x3t_384Which means, they haven’t ruled out ‘Jewish lightning.’  Also known as arson. Not to be anti-Semitic or anything, that’s just what it’s called there.

Insurance companies know of this ‘weather’ phenomenon, usually prevalent after Labor Day and, after a bad season. The fact that the fire was on the part of the boardwalk that was not rebuilt after hurricane Sandy could be a contributing factor.

The fire may have begun Thursday afternoon at a Kohr’s frozen custard stand on the boardwalk, according to WABC. However, officials were hesitant to speculate a cause for the blaze, or even speak on the record about where it may have started.

The annual State Firemen’s Convention was going on in Wildwood, NJ when the fire broke out, and continues through this weekend.

Link: Firefighters Make Stand Against NJ Boardwalk Blaze

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