Obama’s Economy, Recovery Is Worse Than The Recession

After reading about the layoffs continuing at my local newspaper, Investor’s Business Daily has some interesting, or rather disturbing, numbers on “Obama’s recovery.”

Incomes fell more in the year after Obama’s recovery started than it did during Bush’s recession itself, And household incomes have basically flat-lined ever since.

And those hurt the most? Blacks, Hispanics, female-headed families and the young — have fared far worse under Obama than everyone else.

There are a lot of historical reasons that people habitually vote Democrat. But the Obama regime has been so bad on the economic front that it is causing defections to the Libertarian and Republican parties. People look at things differently when it begins to affect their wallet.

What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Let me get this straight: If you cross the borders into Mexico illegally you will be jailed for up to two years. But, if you cross the United States border illegally you could get:

  • A driver’s license
  • Access to Social Security and Medicare
  • Access to Food stamps and Welfare
  • Subsidized rent or a loan to buy a house
  • Free education for your children
  • Free health care and Emergency Room visits
  • Millions of servicemen and women who are fighting for your rights every single day

Sheriff Joe Arpaio, known as America’s Toughest Sheriff, is up for re-election and is asking you to make a special contribution to his campaign of $25, $50 or even $100 today to show you stand against the Obama “justice” Department, the open–borders, pro–AMNESTY crowd, Big Labor (SEIU), and the ACLU who are on constant attack against him. You can help him HERE. And I hope you will if you can.

College President Barack Obama On Tour

Hitting his usual and usually compliant constituents, 18 to 21 year olds, President Obama is on the campaign trail again. While pretending to coax colleges to lower their costs, he is out there justifying why he (or we) will be spending even more on them than we already are. It’s a continuation of the union money laundering scheme. Which explains why he doesn’t try this act on the rest of the country, that know him for who he is.

He’ll wink at continually rising tuitions, and continue financing them with student loan programs destined for eventual bailout.

Egypt Arrests Muslim Brotherhood Leader, Obama Dumbfounded

Egyptian security forces have arrested the top leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, pressing a crackdown on his group. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates know who the enemy is, and have already sent over $12 Billion to support Egypt’s military, who is taking the fight to them. The U.S. position under obama_surrenderPresident Obama? Undecided.

He won’t say releasing Mubarak, who he help to overthrow, is good. But does say that Morsi (Muslim Brotherhood) should be released. Won’t say a peep about the war on Christians in Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood. Where Egypt’s neighbors have stepped up financial support to Egypt’s military to take the fight to the ‘Hood, to the tune 10 times what the U.S. was committed to, Obama finds himself on the wrong side of the fight, if for no other reason than not being in the fight.

What we have here is the Nobel Peace prize recipient who manages to make the United States the laughing-stock of the world while at the same time alienating the United States from our friends and allies in the region.

If there’s anything more the President could do to make the United States irrelevant on the world stage, I’d like to hear it. For the first time in his Presidency, he has finally come upon an instance where ‘voting present’ isn’t an option, and he hasn’t the courage to take a stand. It’s what ‘leading from behind’ gets us.

via Egypt arrests Muslim Brotherhood leader Badie: state media – Yahoo! News.

Pensacola, Brought To You By The Letter ‘S’

As a Pensacola resident, have you grown tired of the never-ending hand-wringing over doing something that will increase tourism, prevent young people from having, and wanting, to leave town to make a living, and of the politicians catering to deep-pocketed special interests to no one’s benefit except the politician and his special interest, aka contributor? Let’s try something different.

How about we start with something that will enhance our area for everyone? Beginning with the letter “S”.

Scenic Highway is an area that has been neglected for so many years that there’s no scene anymore. Out of 11 miles of it, there’s maybe a half-mile left, measuring small patches of open view along the way. The area has been left to overgrowth of wild nuisance trees and other invasive growth that have taken the scene out of Scenic Highway. This didn’t happen overnight.

Did you know that there is a Scenic Highway Foundation? They see the problem as I do, and have received no cooperation from the City of Pensacola to fix it. As they see it . . .

One of the major problems along Scenic Highway is non-native invasive plants. These plants are a threat to the highway corridor’s natural landscapes because they can alter native ecosystems by outcompeting, shading out, and sometimes physically overwhelming, native plants. So invasive plants threaten native plant diversity, but also they provide fewer habitats for beneficial insects than natives do, and many native birds depend on these insects to feed their young. On the bluffs, invasives cause the additional problem of obscuring views of the bay, making Scenic Highway less scenic.

I’m not one to criticize without offering a solution. Get rid of the non-native vegetation. And for control of erosion, replacing where necessary with native plants like the SHF recommends. Remove the junk/wild trees that obscure the view at street level. Topping off, as in chopping off, those trees at street level that are rooted on the hillside leading down to the bay. After that, keep up the highway so that it will not be overgrown again. Then residents and tourists will be treated to the natural beauty that Pensacola has to offer. It would make Ladybird Johnson proud.


Next on Pensacola’s to-do list, and another thing that didn’t happen overnight, is to find the source(s) of the fecal bacterial contamination that has plagued Bayou Texar for decades, causing the Health Department to close it for use and human contact several times a year. Getting the Shit out of Bayou Texar has been on my radar since November of 2007. A lot has happened since then. But nothing to fix the problem. Just more Bayou closings by the Health Department and lip service from City Hall.

I have challenged the Emerald CoastKeepers, a local group created in 1999 by Mike Papantonio (local lawyer and Lefty talk radio host), to address the issue to no avail. Their focus on environmental issues is suing corporations with deep pockets instead of advocating for clean water in Bayou Texar.

I refer you to two links here on The Lunch Counter that give a good summary of efforts made to affect positive change. All to no avail. Both posts, Cleaning Up Bayou Texar No Longer A Priority and Mayor Hayward’s Town Hall Tonight condense the issue to who said what, including a comment from Doreen Glennan, a prospective newcomer to the area.

For brevity, I urge you to follow the links provided in the posts mentioned above. A complete summary of all my research on this subject can be found HERE.

Since Mayor Hayward’s tenure, the reporting from the Health Department has been sanitized. What used to be described as fecal bacteria is now called simply “bacteria,” and the posting of signs at the boat ramps to warn the public was discontinued. There’s nothing to be gained by ignoring the nature of problem, except maybe to disguise the truth and not embarrass the new Mayor-based City government while outside advertising campaigns designed to attract tourists and industry are running. I don’t know. To quote my favorite former Secretary of State, “what difference, at this point, does it make?”

A gentleman named Al Garza used to advise the city on matters like this. After talking to him though, it seems his “solution” is to do nothing. That’s not acceptable. What should be done is to contract again with a scientist or organization qualified in determining the source(s) of the fecal contamination, like Dr. Richard Snyder at UWF or some other entity. And, see it through to completion.

Mr. Garza seemed conflicted between the Shit in the water and the chemical contaminants in the sediment of the Bayou. As though the fecal contamination could not be solved without dredging the bayou. And, he said, dredging the bayou would cause more problems by stirring up the chemicals. I’m not a scientist, but seems to me that whatever “problems” would be created by removing contaminated sediment would be solved by the natural flushing and depositing of new sediment that is not contaminated. And it wouldn’t take decades for it to repair itself. Long term, it would be repaired and we won’t have to tout the new Chamber slogan . . .

Visit Pensacola, You’ll love our shit!

This Ain’t No Tiananmen Square

Watch as a Muslim Brotherhood dude gets shot. I think he was violating a curfew. The military, the ones in “control” now, didn’t want the “Day of Rage” going on, or the Coptic Christians from being raped, tortured, and killed and their churches burned down.

Since this nut wasn’t killing an infidel, I don’t think he qualifies for 72 virgins.

There’s roughly 600 of the Muslim Brotherhood now killed. Some by the military, and the rest by the Egyptian citizens. 2400 to go to reach parity with 9/11/2001. obama_surrender

Any bets how long it will take for 3000 Muslim Brotherhood to reach room temperature? Is Las Vegas or Atlantic City laying odds on this? Oh yeah, I feel compassion. For the victims of 9/11/2001. Not for these dirty people.

Dept. Of Labor, All Wrong On Minimum Wage

The DOL has the raising the minimum wage argument all wrong.

According to the Dept. of Labor . . .

While the federal minimum wage was only $3.35 per hour in 1981 and is currently $7.25 per hour in real dollars, when adjusted for inflation, the current federal minimum wage would need to be more than $8 per hour to equal its buying power of the early 1980s and more than $10 per hour to equal its buying power of the late 1960s. That’s why President Obama is urging Congress to increase the federal minimum wage and give low-wage workers a much-needed boost.

And the reason it is wrong is because the President is an economic imbecile. He is the one that has devalued the dollar. Between the Fed monetizing the debt, printing money under QE1, QE2, and QE3, and his piling on the national debt, the dollar has been devalued.

The end of the DOL’s blurb highlights their ignorance. The government doesn’t “give” low-wage workers anything. They don’t have anything to give. What they mean is to increase the payroll cost on employers. Which will result in fewer people working, or people working fewer hours. So what is it exactly that the government “gives” anyone? More misery, that’s what.

His, and the DOL’s answer is to raise the minimum wage to compensate for his irresponsible monetary policy, instead of increasing the purchasing power of the dollar through fiscal and economic sanity. His way cost jobs. Done the right way will create jobs and “give” low-wage workers more bang for their buck. It is the private sector solution which is antithetical to the spread-the-wealth (spread the misery) “solution.”

Obama Is Not The Prophet Mohammad

No matter how hard they try, liberals, progressives, and democrats from sea to shining sea, must face the reality that President Obama is not The Prophet. Hemissouri-fair-obama-mask is not the Messiah, nor is he Jesus Christ. Oh wait. It’s OK to mock Jesus Christ in this country, but not Mo.

The ridiculous reaction to the rodeo clown in an Obama mask is beyond political correctness. It has resulted in this guy being banned from making a living in the state of Missouri. Not only that, the state of Missouri apologized for it. Not only that, all rodeo clowns in the state are now supposed to undergo sensitivity training. Not only that, the Missouri chapter of the NAACP is asking Obama’s so-called Justice Department, and the Secret Service, to investigate the incident. I have two words for them, investigate this.

Muhammed farve. tegning : KWThe reaction from the Left, who have no sense of humor, is not unlike all the condemnation, ridiculous condemnation, of the cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad. And so far, our President has not said a word. He’s apparently OK with all the punishment being meted out for no real reason other than he must feel like he is the Prophet Mohammad.

He, above all others, should step up and put an end to the persecution of this citizen that he’s supposed to protect. Something about the 1st Amendment and that annoying (to him) piece of paper called the U.S. Constitution.

If President Obama was any kind of leader and healer, and had the slightest intention of bringing people together, he would get his teleprompter to say “Knock it off. Relax. The bit was meant to be a joke. It goes with the territory when you’re a president. No offense taken.”

Yeah. Wait for that to happen.

Update: 8/16/2013

Prosecute The President

What lying on a stack of bibles looks like.

It should come as no surprise that what we have in Washington is a lawless administration. Americans are faced with a President who put his hand on a stack of bibles and swore to uphold, protect, and defend the Constitution. And since then has, over and over, demonstrated his disdain for it.

He has repeatedly and arrogantly refused to enforce existing law, neglected his duty to produce a budget, has abused his power of executive orders, bypassing Congress, to avoid the legislative process, and has used agencies of the government to harass political adversaries. In short, he is governing as though he is a king or dictator instead of being a steward of the Constitution of the United States.

The lawless President should not be allowed to get away with this. He is not above the law, although he obviously thinks that he is. It is up to Congress to quit spinning their wheels by playing his game. Get a special prosecutor appointed and get busy.