Julian Bond, You’re No Martin Luther King Jr.

If Dr. King were alive today, he no doubt would still be a Republican and would be called an Uncle Tom or similar racial slur by those who have bastardized his 2013_march_on_washingtonspeech and ideology from 50 years ago. Right now he’s rolling over in his grave.

At the Washington Mall the other day, Julian Bond (past president of the NAACP) held up Trayvon Martin as a martyr. No, he’s not a martyr Mr Bond. He’s a punk thug who died being one.

Trayvon’s Law: Beating up on someone could get you killed. Regardless if you are in a concealed carry state like Florida.

Calling General Colin Powell

Anxious to see General Powell present our President’s case for attacking Syria to the United Nations. I’ll even settle for his opinion on a friendly network, like CBS, NBC-BS, ABC-BS, CNN-BS, and MSNBC-BS.

Let him make the case for the President helping alQaeda take over Syria. You know, like he did in Lybia and the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.