This Ain’t No Tiananmen Square

Watch as a Muslim Brotherhood dude gets shot. I think he was violating a curfew. The military, the ones in “control” now, didn’t want the “Day of Rage” going on, or the Coptic Christians from being raped, tortured, and killed and their churches burned down.

Since this nut wasn’t killing an infidel, I don’t think he qualifies for 72 virgins.

There’s roughly 600 of the Muslim Brotherhood now killed. Some by the military, and the rest by the Egyptian citizens. 2400 to go to reach parity with 9/11/2001. obama_surrender

Any bets how long it will take for 3000 Muslim Brotherhood to reach room temperature? Is Las Vegas or Atlantic City laying odds on this? Oh yeah, I feel compassion. For the victims of 9/11/2001. Not for these dirty people.