Obama Is Not The Prophet Mohammad

No matter how hard they try, liberals, progressives, and democrats from sea to shining sea, must face the reality that President Obama is not The Prophet. Hemissouri-fair-obama-mask is not the Messiah, nor is he Jesus Christ. Oh wait. It’s OK to mock Jesus Christ in this country, but not Mo.

The ridiculous reaction to the rodeo clown in an Obama mask is beyond political correctness. It has resulted in this guy being banned from making a living in the state of Missouri. Not only that, the state of Missouri apologized for it. Not only that, all rodeo clowns in the state are now supposed to undergo sensitivity training. Not only that, the Missouri chapter of the NAACP is asking Obama’s so-called Justice Department, and the Secret Service, to investigate the incident. I have two words for them, investigate this.

Muhammed farve. tegning : KWThe reaction from the Left, who have no sense of humor, is not unlike all the condemnation, ridiculous condemnation, of the cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad. And so far, our President has not said a word. He’s apparently OK with all the punishment being meted out for no real reason other than he must feel like he is the Prophet Mohammad.

He, above all others, should step up and put an end to the persecution of this citizen that he’s supposed to protect. Something about the 1st Amendment and that annoying (to him) piece of paper called the U.S. Constitution.

If President Obama was any kind of leader and healer, and had the slightest intention of bringing people together, he would get his teleprompter to say “Knock it off. Relax. The bit was meant to be a joke. It goes with the territory when you’re a president. No offense taken.”

Yeah. Wait for that to happen.

Update: 8/16/2013