Bang! Stop Or I’ll Shoot

IMG_1247In the ‘I can’t believe this is happening’ department, Escambia County Deputies are involved in another shooting.

With no search warrant, Escambia County deputies climbed through the window of a Warrington couple’s home in search of a suspect, and, shot the owner’s two dogs. One of which died. No arrests were made. And no one, except for the police, was armed. At this point in the investigation, it is believed that there were exigent circumstances that permitted the police to enter the house without a search warrant. But that does not account for shooting the dogs in their own home.

I’m prejudiced, I’m a dog owner. I know my dog wouldn’t sit and watch you enter a window in my house without being challenged and barked at, at the least.

But for the belligerent behavior of the Deputies acting like burglars, neither animal would have been put in a position to risk his/her life for protecting their domain.

What harm is caused by removing yourself from the situation (a reasonable retreat) until the owners can wake up and open the door?

Link: Escambia County deputies shoot two dogs  |  Deputies shoot man in his front yard