GOP Should Let Hispanics Be Hispanics

That means quit trying to beat Democrats at their game of identity politics and focus instead of doing what’s right for all Americans. Intelligent Hispanics get it. They get the conservative platform of equal opportunity, freedom, and personal and economic liberty. Which is about thirty percent of them.GOP Logo

In the midst of negotiations in Congress over an immigration overhaul, House Republicans are planning a series of meetings with Hispanic-Americans in the nation’s capital as part of a partywide effort to woo minority voters.

By taking the “GOP needs to reach out to Hispanics” bait from democratic strategists, the GOP is confirming the demagoguery the Left is spewing. Republicans are wasting their time getting wrapped around the axle chasing the 70 percent of Hispanics that vote by rote for Democrats. Fact is, if seventy percent of Hispanics voted for Romney instead of Obama in 2012, Romney still would have lost. Besides all that, when did benevolent democrats decide to help republicans get more Hispanic votes from them?

Link: House GOP to host meetups with Hispanic voters in D.C. as part of outreach effort | The Ticket – Yahoo! News.

Combat Women? Can’t Pass Muster

Unfettered by failure, and with a memory shorter than sixty days, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and Maj. Gen. Bennet Sacolick, director of force marine_femalemanagement for U.S. Special Operations Command, are seemingly willing to lower standards in order to put women in the most physically demanding of military roles.

Back in April, the results of this experiment proved that women in the most demanding roles can’t cut it. No shame there. Just a fact of life.

Link: Two more female Marines flunk infantry officers training  |  Military plans would put women in most combat jobs

SEIU Wants Open, Unprotected Borders

Claiming the cost of completing a border fence that was approved by Congress 5 or 6 years ago, and included again in the pending immigration bill, is too expensive, the SEIU (the world’s largest labor union) is broadcasting their activists to call their Senators in Washington to oppose protecting our border.

It’s funny how the SEIU doesn’t seem to recognize that the cost to taxpayers of having an un-secure border is way higher by orders of magnitude. Obviously, their concern about illegal immigrants isn’t the cost to taxpayers. On the contrary, their concern is to capture more dues-paying and/or government subsidized union members out of the millions that are here now and the millions that will follow. See it for what it is.