Why Are IRS Agents Training With AR 15s?

Good question. The IRS has morphed from investigating white-collar tax cheats into a lawless government-run and taxpayer paid bunch of gangsters. That any of irs_ar15sthese federal agents would take up arms against their fellow citizens is disconcerting. Fingering their boss who would give such an order would be the right thing to do. The DOJ, FBI, and IRS have become Obama’s Mafia.

For a vivid example of Obama’s Mafia, check out this documentary Rampant Injustice, produced by Jan Morgan Media. A re-enactment based on interviews from people who were there.

H/T Jan Morgan Media

County Advances To Top Spot, For Syphilis

According to the Escambia County Florida Department of Health . . .

Since 2010, Escambia County has seen an increase in the number of reported cases of syphilis each year. Prior to 2010, we averaged from 20-25 cases per year. In 2012, we had a total of 106 cases of syphilis reported in Escambia County. Currently, Escambia County is ranked #1 in the state of Florida for the number of cases reported.

Between the contaminated waters, and syphilis, it seems we have a lot more to worry about than what kind of development unrelated to a park is going to be built in a “park.”

The health department’s website recommends the following:

You could have syphilis and not even know it. A syphilis infection may have no signs or symptoms. The Florida Department of Health in Escambia County recommends that any sexually active residents get tested.

  • Syphilis spreads by direct contact with syphilis sores. It can be passed from mother to baby during pregnancy.
  • Symptoms may include the following:
 ͦ  Painless sores
ͦ  Body rashes
ͦ  Patchy hair loss
  • Some people never have symptoms.
  • Syphilis sores may disappear, but the disease will continue to progress.
  • Syphilis is treatable, but left untreated it can be deadly.

If you are sexually active, see your primary care physician to get tested or go to:

Escambia Community Clinic
2200 North Palafox Street
Pensacola, Florida 32501
Florida Department of Health
Escambia County
Pensacola, Florida 32503
Offers testing for HIV and other STDs
Monday through Friday
8 a.m. – 5 p.m. Walk-ins welcome.
No appointment necessary.
Offers testing for HIV and other STDs on Monday (12:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.), and
Tuesday through Friday
8:30 a.m. – 11:30 p.m.Appointments only.

President’s Fathers Day Address

And direct from the Planned Parenthood event, praising their success in preventing fatherhood, we have this.

I’m still laughing at the values he claims to have learned . . . “hard work, integrity, responsibility.” Can’t disagree that they are good values to learn. I just don’t see any evidence that he learned any of them.

And to all you fathers out there, sperm donors and deadbeat dads not included, Happy Father’s Day!

Mexicans Running Animals, Had It With Humans

Morris, a black-and-white kitten with orange eyes, is running for mayor of Xalapa in eastern Mexico with the campaign slogan “Tired of Voting for Rats? Vote for a morris_the_cat_mayorl_candidateCat.” And he is attracting tens of thousands of politician-weary, two-legged supporters on social media. He promises to eat, sleep most of the day and donate his leftover litter to fill potholes.

Also running for mayor are “Chon the Donkey” in the border city of Ciudad Juarez, “Tina the Chicken” in Tepic, the capital of the Pacific coast state of Nayarit, “Maya the Cat” in the city of Puebla and “Tintan the Dog” in Oaxaca City, though their campaigns are not as well organized as that of Morris.

Link: Morris the cat runs for mayor of Mexican city