The Big Distraction

Time was, that when something went wrong in America, or to Americans, that there was someone, or a government entity, and a responsible media, to hold people to account. Then fix the problem. And if it was a president, then he was held to account.

But that was before President Barack Hussein Obama, mmm mmm mmm. Since his inauguration five years ago, much has happened and nobody has been held to account. The result is the destruction, disassembling, and unraveling of our economy, our government as it was founded, education, our culture, and the trust in government officials to tell us the truth and to do the right thing. None of this could be possible without a complacent, if not compliant, media.


The standard operating procedure for President Obama is to stay on a permanent political campaign. Never standing still long enough to sit down and tackle problems. His version of problem solving is to appoint a special committee, or make a speech about how bad things are and he’s not going to accept that, or both. Nothing substantive ever gets accomplished. And worse, no one holds him responsible or to account to fix any of it. Then he merrily moves on to screw up something else, if not just distract you from one mess to focus your attention somewhere else. Sleight-of-hand magician that he is.

So while his right hand (media included) is talking about global warming, illegal immigration, women’s wages, gun control, and abortion, his left hand is responsible for the problems he wants you distracted from.  And after five years, there’s a lot to be distracted from.

  1. Stagnant Economy despite trillions of ‘stimulus’ spending
  2. Record Public Debt
  3. No Budget plan that ever reaches balance
  4. Decreased purchasing power, devaluation of the dollar
  5. Record unemployment and long-term unemployment
  6. Smallest worker participation rate since Jimmy Carter era.
  7. An immigration policy favoring low skilled immigrants, further burdening the welfare system, changing the nation’s demographics forever.
  8. Higher Health Care Insurance rates
  9. Social Security facing insolvency
  10. Medicare Facing Insolvency
  11. Breakdown of the family
  12. Record single parent households
  13. Record illegitimacy
  14. Record food stamp recipients
  15. Gay marriage
  16. Falling graduation rates
  17. Falling ranking in education compared to the rest of the world
  18. Student’s lack of knowledge of our nation’s founding and its founding documents
  19. Islamic terrorism on the rise in Libya, Egypt, Syria, and throughout the world
  20. Growing lack of respect for the United States by the rest of the world
  21. Nuclear proliferation in North Korea
  22. New Nuclear state of Iran
  23. High gas and fuel prices
  24. High food prices
  25. Punitive regulation on the coal industry
  26. Punitive regulation on the oil industry
  27. Punitive regulation on the gas industry
  28. Govt. takeover via regulation of finance industry
  29. Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt in Tax Code, suppressing risk taking of new business and growth
  30. Resistance at every turn in constructing the XL pipeline
  31. Executive branch abuses and voter intimidation by the IRS
  32. Executive branch abuses and voter intimidation by the FBI
  33. Executive branch abuses and voter intimidation by the EPA
  34. Executive branch cover up of all aspects of the 9/11 Benghazi terrorist attack
  35. State Department cover up of all aspects of the 9/11 Benghazi terrorist attack

Meanwhile, the country is on the fast track to destruction. Or as Obama would call it, fundamental change. Dare I suggest that if a Republican was in The White House, the media and low information crowd would not be as forgiving. This list is not all-inclusive. It’s what I came up with while waiting for a pot of coffee to brew.

So the race is on to see which item(s) will bring down this regime before the country reaches a point of no return.

IRS Targeted Everyone?

Technically? Yes, probably by accident. The fact that some progressive groups were also targeted seemed to make Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY) feel better. In his world, it’s OK for the dc_irs_protestIRS to abuse its authority, intimidate taxpayers, and suppress voter participation, as long as it does it to everyone. What?

In a letter to congressional Democrats, the inspector general also said that 100 percent of Tea Party groups seeking special tax status were put under IRS review, while only 30 percent of the progressive groups felt the same pressure.

As the numbers break down, there were 292 Tea Party groups targeted, and 6 liberal groups targeted. It is safe to say that the regime has its own version of the KGB. It’s called the IRS.

Link: Treasury: IRS targeted 292 Tea Party groups, just 6 progressive groups |