Obama Whining ‘Political Obstruction’

obama_whining_obstructionOpening a summer showdown with Congress, a combative President Barack Obama nominated three judges to a powerful appellate court Tuesday and challenged Republicans to stop the “political obstruction” holding up his nominees. Obama said “There’s no reason, aside from politics, for Republicans to block these individuals from getting an up-or-down vote.”

Tell that to the hundreds of conservative non-profit applicants that passed through two election cycles and are still waiting. I feel your pain Mr. President.

Link:Obama nominates 3 to appeals court, testing GOP – Yahoo! News.

Tax Credit Bonanza For Illegal Immigrants?

Can’t think of a better way to just slit this country’s throat. Why do Democrats like Schumer hate this country so much that they’re willing to lay down our sovereignty and heritage? Too embarrassed to be proud of America at the expense of political party dominance. Do you know of any country that would pay illegal immigrants to come and for being here illegally?

It’s no wonder Democrats won’t consider the FairTax. It doesn’t allow for income redistribution like this.

Tax credit bonanza for illegal immigrants? | The Daily Caller.

IRS Agents, The Targeting Started In D.C.

Raising the issue of ‘trust‘ in the Obama administration yet again. It turns out that the IRS’s targeting of political enemies of the administration was not a result of a few rouge agents in the Cincinnati IRS office. According to agents, present and former, those orders came from Washington. Who is surprised to see that the story we were originally told by Ms. Lerner proved to be a lie and, the reason she plead the 5th? It’s like Benghazi without the movie.

One can only hope that this lawless administration sooner or later is held to account, fired, or jailed.

Link: IRS agents tell House committee that the targeting started in D.C.