ICE Enabling Illegals, “Reverse Escorting”

Ready for another thumb in your eye America? How many times has this lawless administration fought against supporting faith-based organizations for the work they do in helping the poor and otherwise disadvantaged? Well, they’ve figured out now how to use them to suit their political purpose. They are using ICE to escort illegals illegal_aliensapprehended not back into Mexico, but to ‘sanctuary’ churches up north.

marcorubio2Despite the pleas from Sen. Marco Rubio to trust him and S.744 v2.0, the newly amended immigration deform bill, there is absolutely no expectation that this administration will abide by it when now, instead of escorting illegals back to their home country, they’re escorting them into our country.

Sorry Senator. Any legislation that resorts to politicians saying “trust me” is bad legislation. We don’t have to trust you, and shouldn’t be asked to trust you, when there is transparency. You sir better look at what they are doing instead of what they’re saying or the next escort will be your constituents escorting you from D.C. back to Miami.

Hat Tip Debbie Schlussel.

EXCLUSIVE: Obama Sends ICE Agents to Southern Border to Pick Up “Youths” Awaiting Amnesty, Deliver Them to Northern “Sanctuary” Churches.

UPDATE 6/30/2013: Top Homeland Security official questioned under oath about “reverse escorting,” and lies about it.