Imam Caught Sneaking Into US

So we’ve got an Islamic extremist Imam caught in the trunk of a car sneaking into the country from Mexico, and an extremist Islamic book from Iran found in the desert on the trail into the U.S..

Yawn, did you see Winter Wipeout on TV last night?

Fortunately, someone is staying on top of things like terrorists making way into the U.S. and how ICE is protecting us. Debbie Schlussel adds the rest of the story.

[t]he extremist imam who illegally tried to sneak into the U.S. has already agreed to testify against the traitorous American who drove him here.  He didn’t agree to do this “just ‘cuz.”  Usually that’s in exchange for some sort of deal–the U.S. government agreeing not to jail this bastard . . . or even giving the imam assurances that he can stay on U.S. shores indefinitely.

Are authorities kissing up to Imam Said Jaziri? I suppose time will tell.

Link: Imam Caught Sneaking Into US; Iranian Terrorism Book Found in Border Desert.