Obama Supporters On Killing Spree

‘What’ you say? And in Washington D.C.’s suburb. How could this happen and not be reported? That’s a trick question. It assumes there is no political bias to news reporting. But to illustrate absurdity by being absurd, check this out.

Prince George’s County in Maryland borders Washington, DC. Democrats dominate the county and 88.87% of the residents voted for Obama. What you did not hear in the news was that there were 13 shootings in the first 13 days of this year in PG County. Why not? While the press is eager to paint Jared Loughner, the Arizona gunman, as the face of conservative talk radio and associate him to Republicans they completely ignored the murder spree in an area dominated by Democrats. Why isn’t the press painting the picture of this overwhelmingly Democratic county as the face of today’s Democrat – violent and out of control? Can we assume that if 90% of the people vote Democrat that there is the highest probability that those responsible for this killing spree are Obama supporters? What would the mainstream media say if this occurred in a county that was overwhelmingly Republican? They would say it was fueled by Republican hate. I guess the murder mess in a Democratic stronghold that borders our Nation’s Capital needs to be ignored.

h/t Mike Piccione, Editor of In The Crosshairs

Obama Called It Terrorism

The suicide bombing in a Moscow airport is believed to have been carried out by Christian Islamic militants. Death toll is at 35 and over 100 are wounded.

In Washington, President Barack Obama condemned the “outrageous act of terrorism” and offered any assistance.

I applaud President Obama for his correct use of the T-word. It was not an outrageous man-made disaster. That was a terrorist attack. Now if he will get DHS Secretary Janet (Big Sis) Napolitano on board, then everyone will be on the same page.

Link: Bombing at Moscow airport called terrorist attack