FairTax H.R. 25 Introduced On First Day

Congressman Rob Woodall (R-GA7) introduced the FairTax on the first day in session. It is still called  H.R. 25. ? I thought it would be assigned a different number but, I guess not.

The FairTax effectively kills two birds with one stone. Make that three birds. 1) It will be an economic stimulus like no other in the world, without increasing our debt. 2) It will be totally progressive and will eliminate all taxation for the poor via the prebate. 3) No more filing tax returns, no need for the IRS. And because the FairTax will expand the tax base (the number of people currently paying taxes) from only working Americans to every person within the borders regardless of citizenship, the individual shared burden couldn’t be more ‘fair.’

The biggest advantage and stimulus will be evident with every paycheck you receive. Under the FairTax, your gross pay will be your net pay, exclusive of any state taxes of course. That’s because under the FairTax, all the federal income taxes you are currently paying will go away. The term ‘take home pay’ will be a thing of the past. You actually get to keep what you make. And you don’t need an accountant or tax lawyer to help get it for you.  How fair is that?

And one more, which will be the biggest obstacle to overcome, and explains why H.R. 25 never made it out of the Ways and Means Committee under Charlie Rangel (D-NY15). The FairTax would end the taxing power currently held by politicians in Washington, and shift that power back to the people. Taking the ‘tax hammer’ away from Washington means no more leveraging tax breaks for campaign contributions.

The other good news here is that it begins with 47  co-sponsors. That’s more than in previous sessions when first introduced. And, among the sponsors is a Democrat, Dan Boren [D-OK2]. That’s a first too.

Meanwhile, contact your representative and ask him or her to become a co-sponsor, if they are not already. Tell them you support it and want them to do likewise.

Use this link to easily find your congressman’s phone number ->  http://bit.ly/contactcongr


Use this link to send them a quick email. -> http://bit.ly/ftcongress

“When They Feel the Heat, They Will See the Light” – Herman Cain

Link: to H.R. 25