Iran Jails Journalists, Happy New Year

After interviewing Sajjad Qaderzadeh in October, two German journalists were jailed and remain in custody. Sajjad is the son of the woman who is sentenced to death by stoning. The German journalists were arrested for ostensibly journalizing without permission.

On this New Years Day, I’m so thankful that I was born in America.

Happy New Year from the land where Freedom and Liberty were born, and need preserving.

Link: Son of Iran woman to be stoned wants new sentence

2011 Mummers On Air And Online

I got your Mummers RIGHT HERE!

WPHL-TV 17 has been broadcasting the Mummers Parade for years. That’s good if you live in the Philadelphia TV market area. But there are a few other markets outside of Philly that will also be broadcasting the parade.

From their website . . .

The 2011 Philadelphia Mummers Parade will broadcast in the following markets/channels;

Philadelphia:  WPHL  9a – 5p & 8p – 10p

New York:  WPIX – will carry 2.5 hrs hours on THIS TV (Channel 11.3)  1p – 3:30p

Maryland, Washington, D.C.:  WDCW – will carry the parade on their primary station (Channel 50)  2p – 5p

York, Lebanon, Lancaster, Harrisburg:  WPMT – will air the full parade on 43.2  10a-5p

Web Video:

For those outside those markets, web video of the entire Mummers Parade will be available on an hour delay at the following url: