Crist, Obama, And A Time For Reflection

cant fool them all the time

In the case of these two characters, there is a good reason for their reflection.  And a former President called it exactly right.

“It is true that you may fool all of the people some of the time;
you can even fool some of the people all of the time;
but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”

President Abraham Lincoln

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"Florida's Democratic Party Is Not Democratic"

There is evidence of this all over Washington and the country during election seasons, which don’t seem to end anymore. But this is coming from Dr. Farid Khavari, Democratic candidate for governor of Florida. The news media is cheating you, not only on what happened last week at the State of Florida’s Democratic Convention, but in telling you who is running.

This press release from Dr. Farid Khavari’s campaign . . .

Florida’s Democratic Party is not democratic at all, says Khavari

Miami, FL Oct. 14 — Noted economist Farid Khavari, a Democratic candidate for Florida governor, has gained national attention for his plan to create a state-owned bank in Florida. Khavari’s plan to create one million private-sector jobs in Florida without subsidies has won enthusiastic praise at each stop on the campaign trail, and in national media.

You might think Khavari would be a featured speaker at Florida’ s statewide Democratic Convention, but you would think wrong. Hundreds of delegates to last week’s convention in Orlando were surprised to learn that Khavari and six other candidates were running for governor. “State Chairperson Karen Thurman chose Alex Sink several months ago to be the anointed candidate for governor,” said Khavari. “She did not consult with any of the county party organizations. At the convention, neither I nor any of the other candidates for governor were even acknowledged or introduced.

“I met hundreds of delegates who thought Sink was the only candidate, and who were outraged that the state Party did not even inform them that there were other candidates,” Khavari continued. “It’s the same story when I visit the county party organizations. The members are angry that Karen Thurman is the dictator of the Democratic Party in Florida. They have no say in anything the state party does.

“The Democratic Party in Florida is as democratic as the former Soviet Union or modern-day Iran. The bosses choose the candidates. That’s not how it’s supposed to work in America,” Khavari said. “Meanwhile, as Chief Financial Officer, Alex Sink allowed the state’s retirement funds to lose $60 Billion in phony deals that made hundreds of millions for Wall Street sharks. How could she ever top that as governor? Another million people unemployed, 300,000 more foreclosures, another $60 Billion lost?

“Sink’s famous plan to cut use of Blackberries by her employees covers the interest on $60 Billion for 34 minutes. What’s her plan to get a million Floridians back to work? What’s her plan to earn back $60 Billion before the taxpayers need to pass the hat and pay over $3,000 for every man, woman and child in Florida for her previous leadership?

“Fortunately, in spite of being crowned by Boss Thurman, it looks like Sink will not win in the primary next August,” Khavari added. “You can’t cover up $60 Billion forever.”

Besides Khavari and Sink, six other Democrats are running for governor: Joe Allen, Peter Allen, Michael Arth, Philip Kennedy, Anthony Knox, Sr, and Mark Shephard.

Candidates for the U.S. Senate were snubbed, too. “Thurman anointed Kendrick Meek as her choice for U.S. Senate, ignoring five others,” Khavari said. Also registered for the U.S. Senate race are Democrats Connie Brown, Tyrone Brown, Sr., Kevin Burns, Chuck Lunch and Lawrence Penpek.

Farid A. Khavari, Ph.D. is an economist and author of nine books, including Environomics. His latest book, Toward a Zero- Cost Economy, is available in stores or for free download at his website,

Was Obama Believable Then? What About Now?

Seems like only yesterday that candidate Obama said this. But it was Sept 8, 2008.

It was enough to give the media a severe case of amnesia.

7  Broken Promises:

  1. Make Government Open and Transparent. No lobbyists, except for the ones in the executive branch.
  2. Make it “Impossible” for Congressmen to slip in Pork Barrel Projects.
  3. Meetings where laws are written will be more open to the public. But not to Republicans who weren’t allowed to participate in drafting health care legislation.
  4. No more secrecy.
  5. Public will have 5 days to look at a Bill.
  6. You’ll know what’s in it, unless you’re a Republican Senator.
  7. We will put every pork barrel project online.

The whole concept of ‘trust,’ both in the President and the media comes into question. Just preparing the handbasket.

The Handbasket

You know where it is going. And you know who is in it. Don’t you?

Days after our President and Commander in Chief is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, which even he cannot justify receiving, let’s assess the state of affairs here and around the world and see how the ‘hope and change’ is working.

Neither the economic stimulus nor the bank bailouts are working. Unemployment is up (over the 8% promised), and rising. Higher taxes for 100% of Americans (not the 5% promised)  to pay for ‘public option’ health insurance and ‘cap and trade’ legislation is coming. The effects of nationalizing parts of the private sector and the hostile tax climate is depressing business, not stimulating it. The Federal Reserve is monetizing the debt, which is growing exponentially. And China, Saudi Arabia, and other countries in the world are talking about dumping the dollar as the world’s trade currency. None of which bodes well for the economic well being of Americans and businesses in the United States.

The so-called stimulus package has only stimulated government control. Business is down, and as a result, so are tax revenues. What is Obama’s economic wizards’ plan to remedy this? Increase the debt and increase taxes. What? Did you expect anything different from a presidential candidate, now President, and a Cabinet that have no experience in running a business or making a payroll, let alone the largest economy and military on the face of the earth?

We have had a war on terror going on long before Sept 11, 2001. But we didn’t start fighting back until after 9/11. After eight years of fighting this war, and nearly two months after receiving a request for more troops in Afghanistan from the general he picked, the Commander in Chief is consulting politicians on how, or whether, to win. He made it clear he does not fancy the word ‘victory’ when it comes to the war in Afghanistan. Morale of the troops in Afghanistan is going sour.

Excerpts from COMISAF’S INITIAL ASSESSMENT, General Stanley McChrystal’s report to Secretary of Defense Robert Gates . . .

We face not only a resillient and growing insurgency; there is also a crisis of confidence among Afghans — in both their government and the international community — that undermines our credibility and emboldens the insurgents. Further, a perception that our resolve is uncertain makes Afghans reluctant to align with us against the insurgents.



Unique Moment in Time

This is an important — and likely decisive — period of this war. Afghans are frustrated and weary after eight years without evidence of the progress they anticipated. Patience is understandably short, both in Afghanistan and in our own countries. Time matters;  we must act now to reverse the negative trends and demonstrate progress.

Considering that this report was written August 30, 2009, it must depend on what the definition of ‘now’ is because Obama is just now beginning to do meetings on the subject. Despite the General’s emphasis that time is of the essence. Do you get the impression that, for Obama, prosecuting the war is a distraction to expanding governmental power at home?

What is important to the President is appeasing the gay community in repealing a ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ policy in the military. He is the Commander in Chief. Maybe he doesn’t realize he could do it in a single statement or directive. He doesn’t need Nancy Pelosi’s advice to do it. Some in the gay community aren’t buying it. But the ones he spoke to the other night apparently did.

Obama, who was referring to the policy prohibiting openly gay people from serving in the U.S. military, was seeking to shore up his support among gays and lesbians who backed him strongly during last year’s presidential campaign.

Not surprisingly, the signal being sent to teenagers of recruiting age isn’t encouraging either. Liberals always have wanted a draft. By no accident, his policies, inaction and indecisiveness may just require it now.

Islamic extremists are gaining ground in Afghanistan and in Pakistan. The equivalent of our Pentagon in Pakistan was raided last Saturday by this enemy, and took hostages. Pakistan has a nuclear arsenal. Iran is working toward a nuclear arsenal. And in Somalia, after we cut and run in the 90’s, these very same Islamic extremists have virtually taken over the country and are making plans to attack Kenya. And they are making headway in several other African nations. Their safe havens are no where near eliminated, on either continent.

The apology tour, which weighed pretty heavily on the minds of the Nobel committee, hasn’t had any affect on the enemy. Makes one feel pretty safe and secure doesn’t it?

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The Shrinking Dollar

The Federal Reserve has really caught on to the way things work in Washington. You say you won’t do something, then you do it anyway, with all the confidence that no one, especially the media, will call you on it.

No one, except Karl Denninger at The Market Ticker.

Karl brings the whole monetizing of the debt to light. It is the economic shell game that is the leading indicator of not just inflation, but hyper-inflation.

link: Bernanke Gives Finger To The Law (Again)

Was Arms Dealer, Not Nuclear Scientist

Don’t you feel better now that you know that the Iranian who was mistaken to be a nuclear scientist was merely an arms dealer? Who knows, maybe dealing in nuclear stuff now?

AP correction:

The Associated Press erroneously reported that the Arab newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat identified an Iranian who disappeared in Georgia as a second nuclear scientist. Asharq Al-Awsat said the man was believed to be an arms dealer.

The original story cast him as a nuclear scientist, and his wife cast him as a ‘researcher.’ Don’t know how she missed the arms dealer part. The original story also blamed the United States for the disappearance.

Iran’s foreign minister on Wednesday accused the United States of involvement in the disappearance of Shahram Amiri, who reportedly worked at a university linked to the elite Revolutionary Guard military corps.

You think he is missing or just gone underground? I mean, you dont’ see nuclear technology peddlers hanging on the corner. My guess, knowing Iran, he’s not missing. He’s very very busy.

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ACORN Trashes GOP Voter Registrations

The more light that shines on the activist (and SEIU affiliated)  group ACORN, the worse they look. This time it has to do with voter registrations. But not fraudulent ones like they’re under indictment for all over the country. This time it has to do with legitimate voter registrations.

From Atlas Shrugs . . .

In February of 2008, Fathiyyah Muhammad of Jacksonville, Florida, heard that ACORN was paying three dollars for each voter you could register. Fatiyyah claims she registered voters for Acorn there (at three dollars each), but that the group threw out her votes and fired her when she brought them GOP registrations.

link: ATLAS EXCLUSIVE: ACORN Threw Out Republican Voter Registrations

White Flag Democrats

What else would you call this liberal pow-wow of politicians, all Democrats, putting up legislation to usurp the power of the Commander In Chief? Regardless of the fact that the current Commander In Chief would probably want nothing more than to cut and run in Afghanistan, this bunch of ‘lawmakers’ is showing their disdain for the US Constitution as well as the troops already there.

Sponsored by Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA), H.R.3699 would ‘prohibit any increase in the number of members of the United States Armed Forces serving in Afghanistan.’

The New Buzz Phrase, Choice And Competition

‘Choice and competition’ has  become the new buzz phrase that Democrats in Washington are using to promote their health insurance reform plan, formerly known as their health care reform plan.

It’s a buzz phrase that uses the foundational principles of a free and market-driven economy. Choice and Competition. They are what has made this country, in only a couple hundred years, the greatest and most innovative country in the world. Which, of course, just drives the far Left and socialists and communists around the world crazy. Which was the whole point of President Obama’s apology tour.

But using Right thinking terminology to promote a Leftist agenda seems to work well with the dumb masses and the President, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Saul Alinsky know it. This is why they are using the buzz phrase to promote the government takeover of nearly 20% of the private sector economy with their health insurance/care agenda. Claiming that it is choice and competition that we need, and they’re going to give it to us if we buy into HR3200 and whatever else they can pile on to it. It is for the same reason that they lie to you and anyone who will listen when they say that Republicans ‘don’t have a plan’ when they do.

The way things are now, there is no market-based solution. It is not allowed. The market is mucked up by government with regulations that limit free market competition, and that limit not only consumer’s choices but the insurer’s choices with all kinds of ‘requirements’ of coverages that insurers must provide regardless of the needs and wants of the consumer.

HR3200 will increase government intervention to the point of taking the industry over, restrict competition instead of promote it, limit consumer choice, and increase cost. And, it conspicuously has no tort reform. In short, it will do the opposite of what it is claimed to do. The dirty little secret here is the administration doesn’t care as much for peoples’ health care as it does for the power of controlling it.

In a free market environment, from a business standpoint, it makes no sense to deny coverage to a customer. It happens every day in Canada and Great Britain. In fact, some European countries are now trying to move away from socialized medicine to private market-driven solutions. The idea is to get customers.

One universal truth is this, ‘everything that does not exist in infinite supply is rationed. In a free society, people are allowed to make their own rationing choices.’ Under HR3200, in reality, the government will be the one denying medical care by its rationing of choices.

There is a market for everything, and left to compete for that business, costs will come down, and choices will go up. One insurer will be trying to out-do his competitor and come up with something better suited for that consumer in order to get that customer.

The free market will be able to handle the vast majority of all peoples’ health insurance requirements. There will be a place for some sort of government fund to handle the very worst of circumstances that free market competition can not handle. But sacrificing the entire industry to government control for the benefit of the few that really will need its help is ridiculous.

If this sounds like an economics lesson, that’s because it is. It is a subject that is lacking in the typical liberal arts education curricula. But that’s another subject.

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72-Hour Cover Up, What Are They Hiding?

Isn’t it  time for some transparency in Washington? Isn’t it time to hold this administration to its ‘words, just words?’ You remember when candidate Obama promised bills would be publicly available 10 days before being voted on? How about 72 hours? The trend seems to be not at all.

A message from Herman Cain . . .

A Bipartisan bill (H. Res. 554) that would require major legislation to be posted on the web for public review for 72 hours before coming to a vote on the floor of the House of Representatives IS STALLED..  Unless Members of Congress from both parties hear from their constituents that they want it passed, it is likely that Speaker Nancy Pelosi will have her way and the bill will be buried.Please CALL your U.S. HOUSE REPRESENTATIVE and ask that he or she sign the Discharge Petition in favor of passing a mandatory 72-hour reading period for all non-emergency legislation.

The 72 hour reading period mandate could have prevented several votes that, like a thief in the night, were hastily rushed through congress:

· The massive $787 billion stimulus billed passed in February which appeared at midnight one night, giving members just 12 hours to read it before a final vote.

· The $1870 per household global warming tax bill which came to the floor just 16 hours after a 316 page amendment was introduced.

· The huge prescription drug entitlement bill that was jammed through late one night in 2003 when most members had not had a chance to read it.

Currently, the discharge petition has 178 signatures but it needs 218 in order to override Pelosi’s objections and be forced to the floor for a vote.

Please call your U.S. House Representative asap. The phone number of the U.S. Capitol switchboard is 202-224-3121. Our calls have made a difference in the past and they will make a difference again.

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