Media Mute On Administration Actions

After seeing this Air America Radio talk show host’s opinion of the so-called mainstream (CBS, NBS, and ABS) media  bias, one would have to wonder just where his planet is? The notion that they are all biased in favor of Republicans is beyond laughable.

Since President Obama’s address before the joint session of Congress on Sept 9th, lets review what has been said by Obama and what has been done by the Obama administration, then ask yourself if you’ve seen the dichotomy reported in any of those media outlets.

He says all bills will be made publicly available  no less than 10 days before it would be voted on. He wants bills voted on without being read or even completely written. He kills amendments submitted by Republicans that would require legislation be made publicly available 72 hours before being voted on. Why would they do that?

He says that illegal aliens will not be covered under whatever health care bill ends up being voted on. He kills amendments submitted by Republicans that would require proof of citizenship for participation. Why would they do that?

All that and not a peep out of the media that is supposed to be biased to the Right? The media silence demonstrates exactly the opposite.

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Update 10/3/09Video version of Pensacola News Journal article on, Be sure to check the comments for a sampling of Air America’s audience.

Grayson Gets His Street Creds Back

Taking hyperbole to a whole new, if not criminal level, Rep. Alan Grayson (D-FL) is in denial about the Republican alternative health care reform plan, which happens to be H.R.3400, and then some. Tuesday on the floor of the House, he comes out with charts that say Republicans want you do die quickly if you get sick. If that’s not desperation I don’t know what is.

No apologies or retractions coming. Not from him or Speaker Pelosi. That their reaction is what it is speaks volumes about their character and that of their leadership. The very same leadership that promised an open and ethical administration. As for Grayson, he must be feeling pretty secure in his district to think he can get away with a stunt like that. Or, he is rehabilitating himself under the thumb of Nancy Pelosi for his criticism of the administration last summer in an attempt to find out where trillions of taxpayer dollars have gone.

And isn’t it also instructive to see the media sit back and watch, as if marveling at the tactic. For them, and the Democrat leadership in Washington, the end justifies the means.