Was Arms Dealer, Not Nuclear Scientist

Don’t you feel better now that you know that the Iranian who was mistaken to be a nuclear scientist was merely an arms dealer? Who knows, maybe dealing in nuclear stuff now?

AP correction:

The Associated Press erroneously reported that the Arab newspaper Asharq Al-Awsat identified an Iranian who disappeared in Georgia as a second nuclear scientist. Asharq Al-Awsat said the man was believed to be an arms dealer.

The original story cast him as a nuclear scientist, and his wife cast him as a ‘researcher.’ Don’t know how she missed the arms dealer part. The original story also blamed the United States for the disappearance.

Iran’s foreign minister on Wednesday accused the United States of involvement in the disappearance of Shahram Amiri, who reportedly worked at a university linked to the elite Revolutionary Guard military corps.

You think he is missing or just gone underground? I mean, you dont’ see nuclear technology peddlers hanging on the corner. My guess, knowing Iran, he’s not missing. He’s very very busy.

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