Jeff, Meet Henry

Henry Kelly is challenging Jeff Miller (R-FL) for his Congressional District 1 seat. Kelly is running as an Independent and like Miller, is also a supporter of the FairTax.

I met Henry last Saturday, and he said something that I’ve heard from others in the area who are not satisfied with what’s going on in Washington. And about which I happen to agree.

Specifically, where are the conservative voices and why don’t we hear them or see them speaking out, speaking for us? The voters who elected them are expecting them to stand up and speak up. Its not about being complacent and resigned to the fact that they are in the minority. Conservatives and real Republicans should do more to make themselves heard by their constituents, regardless of the fact that they are in the minority and have no power.

They should learn from the Democrats. They don’t shut up whether they’re in the minority or the majority. They have ‘stage shows’ on the steps of the Capital or in The White House rose garden in trying to advance their agenda. They put up a front for people to get behind.

Maybe Republicans are speaking up, but are not being reported on by the Obamamedia? Much like the not-reported Republican health care bill, H.R.3400. All the more reason for representatives like Miller to put his stuff on YouTube and let his constituents know so that the alternative media can do the media’s job.

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