The Handbasket

You know where it is going. And you know who is in it. Don’t you?

Days after our President and Commander in Chief is awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, which even he cannot justify receiving, let’s assess the state of affairs here and around the world and see how the ‘hope and change’ is working.

Neither the economic stimulus nor the bank bailouts are working. Unemployment is up (over the 8% promised), and rising. Higher taxes for 100% of Americans (not the 5% promised)  to pay for ‘public option’ health insurance and ‘cap and trade’ legislation is coming. The effects of nationalizing parts of the private sector and the hostile tax climate is depressing business, not stimulating it. The Federal Reserve is monetizing the debt, which is growing exponentially. And China, Saudi Arabia, and other countries in the world are talking about dumping the dollar as the world’s trade currency. None of which bodes well for the economic well being of Americans and businesses in the United States.

The so-called stimulus package has only stimulated government control. Business is down, and as a result, so are tax revenues. What is Obama’s economic wizards’ plan to remedy this? Increase the debt and increase taxes. What? Did you expect anything different from a presidential candidate, now President, and a Cabinet that have no experience in running a business or making a payroll, let alone the largest economy and military on the face of the earth?

We have had a war on terror going on long before Sept 11, 2001. But we didn’t start fighting back until after 9/11. After eight years of fighting this war, and nearly two months after receiving a request for more troops in Afghanistan from the general he picked, the Commander in Chief is consulting politicians on how, or whether, to win. He made it clear he does not fancy the word ‘victory’ when it comes to the war in Afghanistan. Morale of the troops in Afghanistan is going sour.

Excerpts from COMISAF’S INITIAL ASSESSMENT, General Stanley McChrystal’s report to Secretary of Defense Robert Gates . . .

We face not only a resillient and growing insurgency; there is also a crisis of confidence among Afghans — in both their government and the international community — that undermines our credibility and emboldens the insurgents. Further, a perception that our resolve is uncertain makes Afghans reluctant to align with us against the insurgents.



Unique Moment in Time

This is an important — and likely decisive — period of this war. Afghans are frustrated and weary after eight years without evidence of the progress they anticipated. Patience is understandably short, both in Afghanistan and in our own countries. Time matters;  we must act now to reverse the negative trends and demonstrate progress.

Considering that this report was written August 30, 2009, it must depend on what the definition of ‘now’ is because Obama is just now beginning to do meetings on the subject. Despite the General’s emphasis that time is of the essence. Do you get the impression that, for Obama, prosecuting the war is a distraction to expanding governmental power at home?

What is important to the President is appeasing the gay community in repealing a ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ policy in the military. He is the Commander in Chief. Maybe he doesn’t realize he could do it in a single statement or directive. He doesn’t need Nancy Pelosi’s advice to do it. Some in the gay community aren’t buying it. But the ones he spoke to the other night apparently did.

Obama, who was referring to the policy prohibiting openly gay people from serving in the U.S. military, was seeking to shore up his support among gays and lesbians who backed him strongly during last year’s presidential campaign.

Not surprisingly, the signal being sent to teenagers of recruiting age isn’t encouraging either. Liberals always have wanted a draft. By no accident, his policies, inaction and indecisiveness may just require it now.

Islamic extremists are gaining ground in Afghanistan and in Pakistan. The equivalent of our Pentagon in Pakistan was raided last Saturday by this enemy, and took hostages. Pakistan has a nuclear arsenal. Iran is working toward a nuclear arsenal. And in Somalia, after we cut and run in the 90’s, these very same Islamic extremists have virtually taken over the country and are making plans to attack Kenya. And they are making headway in several other African nations. Their safe havens are no where near eliminated, on either continent.

The apology tour, which weighed pretty heavily on the minds of the Nobel committee, hasn’t had any affect on the enemy. Makes one feel pretty safe and secure doesn’t it?

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