The 'Real' News Outlet

Because of all the attention the President and his disciples have been giving Fox News by saying that FOX News isn’t really a news organization, I did a little investigation of my own this morning.

I tuned in to the Today Show to see what, according to The White House, a real news outlet looks like.

It took all of about 10 minutes to learn this:

  1. Matt Laurer asked guest Newt Gingrich if it is a smart tactic for Republicans to oppose Obamacare simply because it is a Democrat plan. You know, that vaporous concept that will burden future generations with debt. Following the President’s lead in characterizing Republicans as the party of NO, without an alternative, Newt accepted the false premise of the question to sell is book. Maybe Newt isn’t aware, but certainly Matt Laurer of the ‘real’ news organization should know, that Republicans DO have an alternative to the Democrat’s theory to health care reform. It is called H.R.3400.
  2. Then, in the next segment, the NBC Today Show, the ‘real’ news organization, reported on the balloon boy story by showing an interview, conducted by Fox News, in a picture-in-picture format, where a Fox News person was interviewing the Sheriff who was explaining how charges will likely be filed against balloon boy’s parents.

When NBC News goes to Fox News for their news, what does that tell you? What I learned from this exercise was the reason that I and a growing number of Americans watch Fox News.

As is typical in politicizing the news and the message by Democrats in Washington, NBC is the one who is not a real news organization but rather a public relations arm of the Obama administration. Exactly 180 degrees from what The White House Communications Director Anite Dunn is claiming about Fox News being a PR wing of the Republican Party.