Show Me The . . . Leadership!

Forget about the money. China has it. One thing they don’t have that we do is President Obama. And right now we’re in need of some leadership.

Right now, two of the most important challenges the President is saying he faces are the economy, to which he has inextricably tied health insurance reform, and, the safety of our troops fighting overseas, particularly in Afghanistan.

It is difficult to believe him when he says those things are tops on his list when he continues to do fundraisers around the country, takes time for golf and recreation, and uses his bully pulpit to berate private industry and groups like the Chamber of Commerce who happen to disagree with his policies, instead of showing the leadership required to make the tough choices that he needs to make.

That making a decision whether to support his generals in the war zone, one of which is heading the NATO forces there, or support his political far-left base represents a tough choice is at the same time frightening to me and revealing of him. But apparently it is because we’re quickly approaching 60 days since Gen. McChrystal asked for more troops to carry out his mission in Afghanistan and still no decision. It’s not like this war was sprung up on him or anything. It has been ongoing for all of the 9 months he has been Commander in Chief. But, since he has only met with the general twice in that length of time, it is also hard to believe that even he thinks it is important, let alone tops on the list.

For President Obama, economic recovery now means health insurance ‘reform.’ Never mind those trillions and trillions of debt owned by China, and those stimulus packages that failed to stimulate the economy or fix what they were supposed to fix. Let’s just focus on health insurance reform. Obama’s other top concern for the country.

Where is his leadership on that? Why is he not using his bully pulpit to lay out his plan, telling us and Congress what he wants instead of beating up on his detractors? It’s a rhetorical question. It’s because there still isn’t a plan. One day it’s this, the next day it’s that. One day it’s public options, next day it’s consumers choice. It’s the Baucus bill, no it’s the house bill, no, it’s the Kennedy bill. And oh, did I mention that all of those bills have one thing in common. They aim to ultimately take control of what private sector health care remains (17- 20% of the private sector economy) after they absorb the rest of it into Medicare, which is already bankrupt. But never mind those silly details, just pass the bill. There’s no need to see it in writing first.

This isn’t leadership. This is his attempt at community organizing on a national, and global scale. Coming from someone who was touted to be, despite all the evidence to the contrary, so experienced and the right man for the job (after Hillary that is), what we see is not much different than a circus barker. And empty suit. Not a leader at all.