Obama Votes 'Present' On Afghanistan

Oh how the Left made a big deal when W didn’t bolt out of the classroom and head to Washington on Sept 11, 2001. Now that President Obama has had over 9 months of running the war on both fronts, Iraq and Afghanistan, one would think that he is up to speed with his responsibilities he has to our (and his) troops and our (his?) allies there. So much so that it wouldn’t take him so long to make a decision on whether to support his General’s request for more troops.

General Stanley McChrystal made it clear that when he asks for more troops, he’s looking at his watch, not the calendar. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said . . .

“We are not going to just sit on our hands waiting for the outcome of this election and for the emergence of a government in Kabul,” Mr. Gates said. “We have operations under way and we will continue to conduct those operations.”

Obama botched his 3a.m. call. You just can’t be a Commander in Chief by voting ‘present.’

link: Gates Says Afghan Vote Will Not Slow Strategy