The New Buzz Phrase, Choice And Competition

‘Choice and competition’ has  become the new buzz phrase that Democrats in Washington are using to promote their health insurance reform plan, formerly known as their health care reform plan.

It’s a buzz phrase that uses the foundational principles of a free and market-driven economy. Choice and Competition. They are what has made this country, in only a couple hundred years, the greatest and most innovative country in the world. Which, of course, just drives the far Left and socialists and communists around the world crazy. Which was the whole point of President Obama’s apology tour.

But using Right thinking terminology to promote a Leftist agenda seems to work well with the dumb masses and the President, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Saul Alinsky know it. This is why they are using the buzz phrase to promote the government takeover of nearly 20% of the private sector economy with their health insurance/care agenda. Claiming that it is choice and competition that we need, and they’re going to give it to us if we buy into HR3200 and whatever else they can pile on to it. It is for the same reason that they lie to you and anyone who will listen when they say that Republicans ‘don’t have a plan’ when they do.

The way things are now, there is no market-based solution. It is not allowed. The market is mucked up by government with regulations that limit free market competition, and that limit not only consumer’s choices but the insurer’s choices with all kinds of ‘requirements’ of coverages that insurers must provide regardless of the needs and wants of the consumer.

HR3200 will increase government intervention to the point of taking the industry over, restrict competition instead of promote it, limit consumer choice, and increase cost. And, it conspicuously has no tort reform. In short, it will do the opposite of what it is claimed to do. The dirty little secret here is the administration doesn’t care as much for peoples’ health care as it does for the power of controlling it.

In a free market environment, from a business standpoint, it makes no sense to deny coverage to a customer. It happens every day in Canada and Great Britain. In fact, some European countries are now trying to move away from socialized medicine to private market-driven solutions. The idea is to get customers.

One universal truth is this, ‘everything that does not exist in infinite supply is rationed. In a free society, people are allowed to make their own rationing choices.’ Under HR3200, in reality, the government will be the one denying medical care by its rationing of choices.

There is a market for everything, and left to compete for that business, costs will come down, and choices will go up. One insurer will be trying to out-do his competitor and come up with something better suited for that consumer in order to get that customer.

The free market will be able to handle the vast majority of all peoples’ health insurance requirements. There will be a place for some sort of government fund to handle the very worst of circumstances that free market competition can not handle. But sacrificing the entire industry to government control for the benefit of the few that really will need its help is ridiculous.

If this sounds like an economics lesson, that’s because it is. It is a subject that is lacking in the typical liberal arts education curricula. But that’s another subject.

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