How The Media Offends

The media itself is right up there in credibility as say, oh, Howard K. Stern or Don Imus. While they ALL are consumed with Anna Nichole Smith and who nailed her, and Don Imus and the race baiters nailing him, and how can we possibly forget American Idol, the war on terror continues to chug along and new problems with Iran are developing, but you’ll have to look elsewhere to learn about it.

While all that is going on, Australia has doubled its troop size in Afghanistan, to (argh) win the War. Our general in Iraq is reaching out to Iraqis for their help, and, they are increasingly getting it. There are signs that the new plan in Iraq is working. And conditions in Iran are coming to the point that many of the same reasons that we went into Iraq (support of terrorism with training and hardware, development of WMD’s, defying international community with respect to nuclear development, and more), are present in Iran now.  I think I know where all those holes in the sand came from.

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