The Other Mandela

Well, it’s really the same one. But, despite his travails for human rights and equality in South Africa that included 27 years in prison, there’s his support for Hamas in their never-ending attacks on Israel. And you may also not be aware that South Africa is today the murder capital of the world. And then the atrocities his wife committed while he was in jail.mandelaarafat15

Some people, like Mandela, just were not comfortable saying that Israel had a right to exist too. Buying into the Palistinian’s cry for Israel to give up land lost to them in their 1967 war on Israel. They should have considered the consequences of losing a war of aggression against a sovereign country. They might also consider themselves lucky that Israel stopped where it did. Oh well.

Which reminds me of another similarity between President Obama and Nelson Mandela, besides the color of their skin. They both wanted Israel to leave themselves vulnerable to further terrorist attacks and shelling from Hamas by giving up the security zone they claimed as the spoils of war. What they really mean is, peace for everyone, except the Jews.

As long as the media is focusing their attention away from Obamacare and onto Nelson Mandela, you may as well get the whole picture of the man.

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