Dems Join Ranks Of Terrorists, Hostage Takers

All of a week after several weeks of calling House and Senate Republicans hostage takers and terrorists for wanting to save Americans from the terribly flawed Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, six senate Democrats (up for re-election) are strapping on their bomb vests and calling for delay and/or repairing as KKK_democratswell. And oh yeah, they’re racists too. The only reason they don’t want it to go into effect is because Obama is Black.

It is instructive to note the emphasis that the media puts on this move. It’s not about the poor people who won’t have insurance, it’s about how it will affect the Democrats politically.

As Democrats began to fret about the political consequences ahead of the 2014 midterm elections, the administration late Wednesday said it was granting what amounts to a six-week filing extension. The March 31 deadline for having insurance became the new deadline for applying for it.

You will recall that the bills that the House proposed a few weeks ago to end the government shutdown were defeated for a lack of six Democrat senators who stood with their party instead of the American people. Today, they’re claiming to be defending the American people.

Link: Democrats Want ‘Obamacare’ Deadlines Moved Back


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