Tea Party ‘Don’t Raise The Debt Limit’ Demonstration Saturday

Just a note from the Pensacola Tea Party about a demonstration in front of University Mall, or what once was University Mall, this Saturday Noon-2PM.

Although the Rally in Washington, D.C. on October 12 has been postponed local groups intend to Rally and be on the same subject. The Administration wants to raise the Debt Limit and waste even more hard earned tax dollars. Many of those dollars are sent to other countries, some of which do not like us at all. There is sufficient tax money coming in to meet all obligations and there is no need to raise the National Debt to 18 Trillion dollars! This Administration added 159 new bureaus to add to the Union rolls, increase union dues and spend the money against the American public needs! DO NOT RAISE LIMIT!

It’s just amazing how words have absolutely no meaning to people in Washington. Here are two that mean absolutely nothing to President Obama and his party.

Limit and Border

If you’ve had enough of this lawless administration, come out and be seen. Bring a home-made sign with you. (The SEIU won’t be printing them up for you. You’re the opposition.)

Tell President Obama to live by the current debt limit, or resign.

Check out the national Tea Party Patriots website for a protest near you.

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