Language Adjustment From Zimmerman Trial

Well, it’s official. The meme has been cast in the media and by the administration. Self-defense is now called gun violence. And a belligerent teenager quick to go to fisticuffs is an innocent child out for a walk to the corner store. And if you are not Black, and you don’t submit to a beating by a Black, then you’re a racist. And if a trial by jury doesn’t see it that way, they are racists too. And, justice has not been done unless it also includes “social justice” and “racial justice.” In case you haven’t noticed, we are witnessing the creation of the American version of the Taliban and Sharia law. The rule of law does not apply any more, and “justice” is no longer blind. Part of the fundamental change Barack Obama has in mind.

If my memory serves me, it was President Obama himself that claimed that his administration was going to be the first post-racial administration in American history. In fact, he has done his best to exacerbate race relations, exactly as his community organizing past has taught him to do.

One can no longer say that he “missed” a chance to calm the situation down. He hasn’t missed anything. He is doing and allowing all he can to keep racial tension alive and well. It’s politics first for him. The country be damned. And the sooner Americans of all races realize that, the better for the country, and the better for race relations.

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