Equal Justice Under The Law, What?

There’s a reason that Lady Justice in the Supreme Court wears a blindfold. It signifies that justice is blind to influences outside the law. The whining over “social justice” and “racial justice” are political buzz words that cause harm to the justice system.

The not so unintended consequence of bellyaching for social justice and racial justice also divides the people into “victims” and not victims. Victims that a particular political party will tend to exploit, at the expense of justice, for their own political gain. There is no place in a justice system based on the rule of law for social justice, racial justice, or politics. There is only one justice system and it applies equally to everyone. Period.

blind_justice_2 blind_justice

Link: The Next Verdict from the Zimmerman Trial

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Black Man Explains Anger Over Zimmerman Verdict

“As soon as these monkeys can blame a murder on a White person, oh here they come!”


NewsBusted TV, 7/22/2013 Edition



Nothing Racial About Owning A Gun

President Obama today tries to tie the death of Trayvon Martin to gun violence. Why is it that having and using a gun in self-defense is perceived as something racial? Does he understand that legally having a concealed weapon can save a the life of a Black man too? Concealed carry permits are issued regardless of race. It’s an easy four-step process. But depending on where you live, steps one and two may be more difficult.

  1. Live to be 21.
  2. Have no criminal record.
  3. Have no drug addictions or mental illness.
  4. Live in a concealed carry or open carry state.