Missouri Gives Feds The Finger Over Gun Control

Probably goes nowhere when it gets to the Supreme Court. If it gets that far. But I like their spunk.obama_holder

The legislation would make it a misdemeanor for federal agents to attempt to enforce any federal gun regulations that “infringe on the people’s right to keep and bear arms.” The same criminal charges would apply to journalists who publish any identifying information about gun owners. The charge would be punishable by up to a year in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Link: Democrats to aid Republicans on Missouri gun bill

Climb To The Moon On National Debt

Just another of those phony scandals the Republicans are pushing to cause gridlock. That must be what President Obama is thinking, since he is intent on doing, and planning on doing, nothing but increasing it.

  • The national debt is at its highest since the end of the second world war
  • The figure equates to every man, woman and child owing $55,091 each
  • Of the $5.1 trillion owned by foreign governments – nearly half is owned by China and Japan
  • The national debt has increased more than $6 trillion since President Obama took office – the largest increase under any president

The country’s national debt is now so high, over $16.7 trillion, that if the figure was converted into $5 bills it would stretch almost to the moon.



Link: One giant debt for mankind: U.S. national deficit would reach almost to the moon if piled high in 5 dollar bills | Mail Online.

Pro-Death, Choice, At Its Worst, Best

This would qualify for the M.R.I.O.T.D. award if it weren’t the product of years of inculcation of the populace by liberal politicians, media, and the so-called “pro-choice” lobby. Watch “Carlos Danger” gather signatures to legalize retroactive abortions.

The sad thing is, these are college students from George Mason University (GMU), a not so shabby university. You’re looking at our future.

Link: WATCH: Students sign petition to legalize abortion after childbirth