The Case Against Transparency, Accountability

A curious dichotomy in politics has arisen in the name of the Farm Bill. It is drawing out the hypocrisy in the politicians and special interest groups always harping on cutting waste and ending corporate welfare, not to be more responsible with the people’s money, but to get a larger piece of the pie for themselves.

Which is why battle lines seem to be shaping up between those wanting truth in legislation, transparency, and accountability, and the special interests and establishment Republicans  and Democrats in the House that want none of that.

Preferring the anonymity of an ambiguous slush fund, they are getting their shorts in a wad over breaking out food stamps, formally known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP, from the “Farm” bill.

So not only are we seeing a President that reneges on his promise to go over every line of every bill to cut government waste, we are also seeing politicians scrambling for dollars, reneging on their promise to be responsible with the people’s money.

When the rubber hits the road, the old guard wants nothing of accountability or transparency. Something to be remembered when the mid-term elections roll around. Time is now to let your representative know that you want two clean bills, not the same old same old jumbled, irresponsible mess.

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